Natal Chiron – Mercury aspects

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Natal Chiron – Mercury aspects suggest a connection between the lessons we need to learn with the rational mind and the way we communicate.  Above all Chiron represents the primal wound and the urge to become whole and heal the self.  See also the interpretations for Chiron in the Houses and Mercury in the Houses to see what specific parts of your life this aspect will take place in.Natal Chiron - Mercury aspects


A Statement that represents the Natal Chiron – Mercury aspects: the wounded healer

Chiron’s placement in our natal chart points to areas where there are some lessons we need to learn.  These areas are ruled by the sign and the house in our natal chart. It is very important to notice the areas where we feel discomfort. Our gifts are hidden in our wounds as shown by Chiron’s placement. But our true purpose or life path is shown by the Moon’s Nodes in your chart. Chiron is an asteroid between Saturn and Uranus. Its orbit is very unusual and represents a bridge between material and spiritual worlds. Below is Natal Chiron – Mercury aspects interpretation.

Chiron conjunct Mercury

  • Typical features that this conjunction brings: aspect inspires healing conversations. When these two planets are in contact, there is a chance to heal through words. Once you understand your traumas, you can help others heal themselves. These Natal Chiron – Mercury aspects are connected to wound related to connections with other people. Often as a child, you experienced rejection when you wanted to share your thoughts and feelings. Or, you were silenced at some point in your life. If you work through your pain, it can be a great advantage for you. People with this aspect often read about health and psychology. You are often a perfectionist. You feel that you are worthy of love and acceptance only if you are perfect. And it may cause you constant self-doubt. This aspect also suggests trauma related to childhood. Some of you were often insulted, and this left a deep wound in your souls. In other words, maybe someone made remarks on your intelligence or how you speak. The good thing about this aspect is an enhanced sensitivity. You understand the subtle hints and you are great at decoding the real intent of people. You need to learn to speak freely and express yourself. You are able to understand the underdog and stand up for other people. Writing or keeping a journal can be very helpful with this aspect.
  • Positive traits: These Natal Chiron – Mercury aspects indicate that you learn how to turn trauma into wisdom by gathering information and learning. You are very sensitive. It helps you understand and notice more than most people. Also, you love helping others heal their own wounds related to connecting.
  • Negative traits: There is strong anxiety about saying something wrong. Also, you often have very low self-esteem.

Chiron opposition Mercury

  • Typical features that this opposition brings: You find that other people remind you of your pain. You have the power to heal, not only yourself but others as well. And actually, you may be a better healer of others than yourself. Opposition to natal planets is hard because you nearly always go with the personal planet and neglect the other planet. With these Natal Chiron – Mercury aspects, you often project Chiron onto other people. No matter what people say, you may take it the wrong way. So, use greater rational thinking when communicating with other people. Your own beliefs and opinions can be illogical, irrational, or controversial, resulting in misunderstandings with others. Mental confusion can lead you to hold back from expressing your ideas Also, you have a fear that your ideas will be criticized or rejected by others. A passing comment or wounding remark can hurt and upset you. There is also a possibility that you will offend others by putting down their concepts or refusing to take their ideas into consideration.
  • Positive traits: With these Natal Chiron – Mercury aspects you are bright and insightful.
  •  Negative traits:  You have trouble keeping track of your thoughts. So, you may not communicate vital information. Or you may make decisions based on an emotional reaction instead of complete judgment.
  • Individuals with too many oppositions: Firstly, they tend to worry too much about what people will talk about them. Secondly, they take things personally as water signs usually do. There is a strange complexity in the air when they are around. Also, these people have a fear of judgment and imagine a riot before it happens.

Chiron square Mercury

  • Typical features that this square brings: aspect suggests friction. You cannot express yourself without a struggle. You try to put your thoughts into words without hurting anyone. Also,  you are often anxious about what you say and what others think of you. Above all, you often find yourself in situations that revive your wound. These Natal Chiron – Mercury aspects are dynamic aspects. That is why it is forcing you to work on it. You rarely feel satisfied with how or what you communicate. To express yourself, or not to express yourselves – that is the question with this aspect. You might review conversations you had with others and kick yourself for what you said, or what you didn’t say. With these Natal Chiron – Mercury aspects communication with other people brings to light certain areas of your psyche that you would rather not have exposed. And that can be quite painful for you to connect with. But getting in touch with these areas is for your ultimate benefit. With Mercury square Chiron, you can expect some over-sensitivity.  Remember that sometimes events in our past can color the present. So think before you speak, write, or post, especially if your words may wound another. Your thoughts and ideas may be confusing, resulting in verbal arguments or disapproval from those around you.
  • Positive traits: you are bright and insightful.
  • Negative traits: With these Natal Chiron – Mercury aspects you may be easily offended and hurt. Problems can occur because you are unable to communicate in a way that harmonizes with others.
  • Individuals with too many squares: you are usually in constant tension. You are giving a major time to adjust the scenarios. Also, you are striving for some more action. Also, you are very well known for your abrupt behavior.

Chiron  sextile Mercury

  • Typical features that this sextile brings – This is a harmonious aspect. This aspect represents opportunities. So, you have the potential to heal the wound. The aspect suggests a talent for listening to those in pain. And it indicates a talent for easing their suffering with your words. In other words, thinking and talking about your pain can help you heal the wound. Your mind is a very effective tool for self-healing.  And as you use it to advantage for yourself, you discover keys that you can communicate and share with others. You have potentially great intuitive skills. If you can begin to trust the thought processes, you can read minds easily. You know what to say and how to respond to people without knowing much about them.  That is why you can become adept at communication skills. These Natal Chiron – Mercury aspects balance right and left brain perceptual skill and quicken the deeper levels of the mind. Your communicating ability can go beyond words, and therefore, you also relate well on physical, spiritual, and emotional levels with others.
  • Positive traits: With these Natal Chiron – Mercury aspects you find it easy to understand and communicate spiritual realities and experiences outside of linear time. Also, you understand holistic healing concepts and the mind-body connection. You have the ability to open doorways of thinking that others would never have considered. You have a unique perception. In business as well as in personal life, you can reconcile differences with those around you without giving up your individuality and beliefs.
  • Negative traits: Words most definitely can hurt you. You need to learn how to use voice, thoughts, and language for healing purposes.

Chiron trine Mercury

  • Typical features that this trine brings: this is another harmonious aspect. Above all, you have a talent for helping other people. Also, you can help yourself as well to get over the pain of the past. Your words have healing power if you have these Natal Chiron – Mercury aspects. In other words, you manage to say the right thing at the right time. And you understand the suffering of others well. These Natal Chiron – Mercury aspects suggest a natural psychologist, no matter what is your actual profession. You are naturally in tune with the ancient times. Also, you are one wise old soul. Great skills can be manifested with training.  If you do not discipline yourself and actuate the trine, you will only remain very much in tune with ancient cultures and healing arts. This intuitive knowing is a source of pleasure for you. That is why you love books about Atlantis and Egypt, for example. You are also less likely to be fooled or tricked by others, as you can see behind falsehoods and pretenses. Your mental alertness could be so exacting that you can create the reality you desire and heal your wounds. So you can return “home” to yourself. You can make anything you want, become reality, solely with the power of your mind. You follow your own ideas, even if it brings you down a different path from others.
  • Positive traits: These Natal Chiron – Mercury aspects give powerful occult and healing skills.. Also, you have the ability to pay attention to information that others miss. Your ideas are likely to be quite original and you may seek new ways to stimulate yourself mentally.
  • Negative traits: This harmonious aspect with no major negative traits.

MINOR Natal Chiron – Mercury aspects

Minor aspects that are possible or relevant for natal chart interpretation between the Chiron and Mercury:

Chiron quincunx Mercury

With these Natal Chiron – Mercury aspects, communications and plans may be disturbed by events or experiences that interfere with your original intentions. Adverse reactions to your ideas can arise. Or someone may try to sabotage your way of doing things. If you have been going along with other people’s ideas, you may now be forced to originate your own. Also, you may have doubts about opening up to others. That is because of the fear of criticism or disapproval. If you release yourself from negative thinking, you have a better chance of generating a positive response from other people. Taking some time to relax will help to improve the clarity of your thoughts.




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