Natal Fortune in the signs

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The Fortune Point represents karmic reward, worldly success, and progress.

Fortune in Aries brings you the need to compete. When it comes to interpersonal relationships, you instill a sense of security in others, which also fulfills you. You love affection and passion.

Fortune in Taurus makes you a hedonist. You enjoy art, the exchange of tenderness, sexuality, and nature. When it comes to interpersonal relationships, you want pleasing others. You have stable and honest feelings.

Fortune in Gemini makes you fascinating and charismatic, and only such people can fascinate you. You enjoy good movies and literature. You like to be the center of attention, but you also want to be respected and appreciated. Unfortunately, you are not an honest person.

Fortune in Cancer makes you a great and true host. You have great feelings for your family and loved ones, making you happy. You like romance and being enjoyed by others. However, you expect this from your partner since you lack emotional maturity and stability.

Fortune in Leo makes you a cheerful person known for your laughter. You are fascinating; you have strong optimism. Small and simple things make you happy. You value honesty.

Fortune in Virgo speaks of you as someone who knows how to enjoy the little things. You strive for perfection; you have strong logic. It makes you happy if you make others happy. You expect to understand relationships, and you give yourself the maximum then.

Fortune in Libra makes you a person who enjoys the beauty of everything. You love childish people; you are fascinated by the beauty of the opposite sex. You have a loving nature, and you don’t see the person’s flaws when you fall in love. You are a very patient person.

Fortune in Scorpio makes you a person who enjoys mysteries and deep passions. You love sex; your partner must always be ready for your desires; otherwise, you will quickly look for a new one. You value communication but are also excited by other people’s body language.

Fortune in Sagittarius makes you a person who likes travel and adventure. You are spontaneous; a small gesture of attention towards you is enough to make you happy. You love everything exotic. You have a sense of humor and make yourself and those around you happy.

Fortune in Capricorn makes you a stable person who is challenging to fascinate because you rely on the strength of your character. You don’t like surprises, but you want money. Your goal is to be successful in life, and you are achieving it.

Fortune in Aquarius, you have different and eccentric attitudes in life. You are adorned with creativity and solid philosophical and strong intellectual power. You like to fantasize and are looking for a partner who wants to dream. You are honest, and the environment loves you.

Fortune in Pisces makes you a person who enjoys harmony, tenderness, and emotions. You have great intelligence and charm. You have many talents; you are interested in art. You have a specific mystery that attracts people.


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