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Natal Moon – Mercury aspects suggests a connection between the mind and the unconscious part of the personality. The thinking, emotional facets of the self and the mental perceptions of life, tends to be emotionally based. Depending on the nature of the signs involved, one might expect a sensitive way of communicating. Also, aspects give an individual that readily sympathizes and understands others. See also the interpretations for Moon in the Houses and Mercury in the Houses to see what specific parts of your life this aspect will take place in. It is important for natal chart interpretation.Natal Moon - Mercury aspects


Statement that represents the Natal Moon and Mercury aspects: I understand you

In Astrology Mercury signifies the ability to learn and communicate. Mercury is the planet that brings us interest in intellectual things, about teaching and learning. It gives us natural intelligence and the ability to analyze and reproduce. The Moon represents feelings, moods, intuition and imagination.  Also, it is associated with the mother and with feminine energy in general. In our personal chart it shows how we respond to our environment emotionally. Below is the natal Moon – Mercury interpretation.

Moon conjunct MercuryMoon - Mercury aspects

  • Typical features that this conjunction brings: you have a direct channel to your emotions and feelings. And you are able to talk about them easily. But, there can be a tendency to rationalize feelings to the point that feelings are rarely felt. This is because the Moon is the feeling function and Mercury represents the lower mind.  The lower mind is the part of our minds that processes information, analyzes impressions and sorts things out. You are also very accommodating and curious.  But you are not as well equipped to handle heavy emotional demands. You thrive on change and variety and sometimes are addicted to gossip. You are generally quite expressive and animated in your communication. Also, you have outstanding memory.  You pick up a lot of information from your environment. Above all you love to chat and to exchange ideas. Also, you are focused on day-to-day activities in communications rather than on grander philosophies. You are constantly asking yourself how you feel. The need to define your feelings rather than experience them as is can be a problem. You are playful and versatile and make fun companions and interesting friends. Above all, you know how to listen.
  • Positive traits: Above all, you are a people person which good social skills. You are expert at communicating with sensitivity. Also, you are true problem solver and completely confident that any predicament can be solved by analyzing the issue.  You are helpful and you possess an inherent and natural concern for others.
  • Negative traits: this aspect unites your thoughts and feelings so that it is very easy for you to become emotionally attached people, places, memories or other things. There is also a distinct sensitivity to criticism, or perceived criticism, of your ideas and intellect.

Moon opposition Mercurynatal chart

  • Typical features that this opposition brings – this aspect brings conflict between the head and the heart. The emotions tell you one thing and the mind tells you something else. The result is a wavering from the point of irrationality at one moment, and to logical the next. How to blend the head and the heart is a constant struggle.  This challenging aspect can cause a lifelong challenge to find an inner balance, to reach a tranquil state of mind. This natal Moon – Mercury aspects symbolizes an inner conflict between thoughts and feelings. Moodiness is a characteristic, and an especially subjective nature makes you prone to hypersensitivity. Others see you as a person who can be overly analytic one moment, then over-emotional and irrational the next. The key to overcoming the potential downsides can be found in keeping busy and productive. Above all you have to do this through communication with others. Sharing your insights and feeling to as many people as possible is the goal.
  • Positive traits: Above all you are very intelligent. You love to chat, enjoy story-telling and writing poetry, and usually you possess a sparkling wit. Also, you have a sense of humor that others appreciate simply because it’s very imaginative. You have a tendency to misrepresent yourself  with what you say from time to time, but you are e charming, if a little kooky, friends.
  • Negative trades: This natal Moon – Mercury aspects brings problems with memory. You  are able to understand others but you may not always be able to interpret yourself correctly. Also, you may have problems in the emotional area and be inclined to gossip. With challenging aspects from other planets, this polarity may cause nervous ailments.

Moon square MercuryMoon aspects

  • Typical features that this square brings: this aspect creates a high degree of tension between your heart and mind. This is a continual internal debate between your thoughts and feelings. Anything you feel strongly about is subject to your questioning, indecisiveness and variability of emotions. This can have a detrimental effect on your intimate relationships. In other words, you may not care too much what others think of you but your partner most likely will. The internal conflict between your thoughts and feelings can manifest externally. It can manifest as communication problems between you and your partner. Above all, you are willing to openly and honestly share your feelings. But,  the message received can be less thoughtful than intended. Your friends may come and go but family is forever. Your closed-minded views on family may reach beyond the clan and extend to nationalism. There are so many ebbs and flows in your life.  But when you’re raising children, your family means everything. There is no doubting your wit, charisma and cultural understanding. This natal Moon – Mercury aspects are neutral for good or evil. So your provocative influence can lead to fame or infamy. Also, you are animated when you speak. And you have a sense of humor that is very imaginative. When nervous or excitable, you talk up a storm. Moodiness is a characteristic,
  • Positive trades: Above all, you are intellectual, concrete and eager to learn.  Also, you love to chat, enjoy story-telling and writing poetry, and usually you possess a sparkling wit.
  • Negative trades: You  are able to understand others but you may not always be able to interpret yourself correctly. Also, you may have problems in the emotional area and be inclined to gossip. With challenging aspects from other planets, this polarity may cause nervous ailments.

Moon sextile Mercurynatal chart

  • Typical features that this sextile brings – This is harmonious aspect. It is easy and natural for you to make easy conversation, to be inquisitive and interested in the world around you. It is easy for you to express yourself well. This natal Moon – Mercury aspects makes you an engaging and outgoing person. You are easy to talk to and get along with everyone. Above all, you need to be around people and also you have many friends. You have good social skills. That is because you intuitively understand people and quickly form emotional connections. Also, you have a playful mind and a youthful spirit. So, you make a good parent and enjoy the company of children. You are the one who would speak for your family and give the tribute at parties. You are a great friend. That is because you are willing to openly share your feelings. Others share their feelings with you because you listen and understand them. You factor in emotional considerations, and tend to treat other people as individuals. So, you won’t be quick to judge others. You believe that problems can be solved with logic. Also, you have a talent to engage at an intimate level and this talent extends beyond one to one interactions. You subconsciously act as a channel in groups of people who gives everyone a feeling of belonging and team spirit. Also, you are attracted to the written word, especially poetry and imaginative stories.
  • Positive trades: you are an excellent communicator. You are intelligent. Curiosity and good memory make you a quick learner  able to hold conversations on almost any topic. Also, writing is a particular skill of yours. You are a storyteller, a poet, a songwriter and novelist.
  • Negative trades: this natal Moon – Mercury aspects are very harmonious.

Moon Trine MercuryMoon - Mercury aspects

  • Typical features that this trine brings: You have excellent communication and social skills. So, your common touch makes others feel comfortable around you. Even complete strangers will feel they know you. That is because of the emotional connections you make. You are comfortable in sharing your own thoughts and feelings. So, people feel at ease around you. It’s also easy for you to make intimate connections in one to one situations. You do enjoy talking. But you are curious and interested enough to truly listen when others speak. Social and public popularity may lead to a wide circle of friends and popularity.
  • You can read people easily. Above all, you are very perceptive and sensitive. And you may even have psychic powers. Your thoughts and feelings interact with each other to arrive at the most accurate assessment of a situation. There is a talent for writing and public speaking with this natal Moon – mercury aspects. That can lead to many careers such as public service, politics, journalism or entertainment.
  • Also, this aspect suggests a nurturing home environment. Family is very important to you.   Sharing memories with loved ones would nourish you. You have good parenting skills and would love to pass on family traditions to your own children.
  • Positive trades: It is easy and natural for you to make easy conversation, to be inquisitive and interested in the world around you, and to express yourself well. Also, you have common sense and help others out readily and willingly. Also, you love the written word, especially poetry and imaginative stories.
  • Negative trades: This is harmonious aspect. You have incorporated the traits of the aspect you’re your personalities, expressing them naturally and consistently. 

MINOR ASPECTSnatal chart

Minor aspects that are possible or relevant for natal chart interpretation between the Moon and Mercury

Moon Inconjunct Mercury

You end up confused at times. This is because you read more into communications than are there. It is very good to be able to read between the lines. But,  make sure you are also reading what is on the lines. Your expectations and imagination are resources as soon as you are able to develop a method for expressing your true feelings. Above all, many of your feelings are hidden from you. So,  self-expression is a path of self-discovery with this natal Moon – Mercury aspects..

Moon Sesquiquadrate Mercury

You may feel rather confused when deciding whether to act according   to your feelings or according with your rational mind. These two options appear to be mutually exclusive. You will discover yourself through life. As you learn more about yourself, you will discover how to integrate the demands of reality with the demands of your emotional security. You will learn this through experience.


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