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Natal Moon – Sun aspects affect the core of our being, our ego, and soul. These are interpretations for moon aspects to the Sun in the birth chart. This includes the conjunction, sextile, trine, square and opposition aspects. When the Moon and the Sun form an aspect in the natal chart, we are dealing with the interplay between our wants and our needs, our conscious and our unconscious the present and the past,. The Moon and the Sun are like night and day. And an aspect between them reveals the type of dialogue between these two luminaries. Astrologers feel that the relationship between the Moon and the Sun in the natal chart reveals the types of messages we received from our parents or parent figures. Below are the natal Moon and Sun aspects interpretations. See also the interpretations for Moon in the Houses and Sun in the Houses to see what specific parts of your life this aspect will take place in. It is important for natal chart interpretation.Natal Moon - Sun aspects


Statement that represents the Natal Moon and Sun aspects: interplay between our wants and our needs

For example, when we see the Moon and the Sun in opposition to one another, we see the opposition of the parents in the heart of the child. In the same vein, those born under a Moon conjunct Sun aspect may have experienced their parents as presenting a united front. This aspects are also called messages we received from our parents

Moon conjunct SunNatal Moon aspects

  • Typical features that this conjunction brings  – This aspect is called the “New Moon.” You have a “double dose” of the same sign. In other words, you have the double dose of the sun sign. This is good regarding the positive traits of the sun sign. You should watch out for the negative traits of the sun sign. That is because you have a double dose of those. So, you should try to focus on the positive traits of the sun sign. Natal Moon conjunct Sun aspects people are creatures of habit. In other words, you are attached to the past and to your tradition. You are also emotionally impulsive. And your actions express your emotional state. Above all, you possess admirable vitality. You don’t have much patience for people who go through a lot of emotional ups and downs. You live and breathe the Sun and the Moon in tandem. The wants (Sun) and the needs (Moon) are aligned. Generally, you come across as rather uncomplicated regarding what you want out of life. You are able to make decisions without too much struggle. The emotions and feelings of the Moon are in harmony with the ego. You can easily express your feelings and meet your needs. But, on the negative side you question your thoughts. This is not necessary for you. “But what if…” and “on the other hand…” are statements you can’t help making. You have Aries energy
  • Positive traits: This conjunction brings considerable individualism. You are sensitive, especially the men. You are energetic, optimistic, stable, generous, assertive, courageous and full of enthusiasm for action.
  • Negative traits: you can also become self-centered and narrow-minded. You find it hard to cope with changes unless these changes benefit you. You have Aries energy and its negative traits.

Moon opposition Sunnatal chart

  • Typical features that this opposition brings – This aspect is called the “Full Moon”. In contrast to the Moon -Sun conjunction people, the Full Moon personality is prone to lack of focus and indecision. You have a distinct Libra energy. You are always aware of the opposing point of view, the other side of the coin. Your inner struggle is most obvious in your vitality. The Moon and the Sun strongly influence the vitality. So, you have many ups and downs. Your energy fluctuates more than most people. And it is a reflection of what is going on inside. The messages you received in your early lives were conflicting and even opposite. Some of you viewed your parents as two different and separate individuals. Two people who wanted something very different from their child. In other words, it is hard for you to find happiness within yourself. You tend to look outside of yourself for fulfillment. Also, you are prone to form serious relationships at an early age. That is because of this tendency to try to find an answer to happiness from an “other”. You appear to be very self-aware. Also, you are excellent psychologists and are able to read character
  • Positive trades: You are objective, practical, loving, hardworking, persistent, cheerful, kind, fierce, level-headed. Also you show a great sense of community. You are tradition-conscious. Have love for other people and very sociable.
  • Negative trades: You can most certainly frustrate the people who are close to you. That is because of your indecisiveness and frequent changes of mind. You tend to be materialistic, headstrong, sluggish, dogmatic, addicted, excessive, too comfortable, you have a fear change and can be very stubborn. With this natal Moon – Sun aspects, wants and needs are not very balanced.

Moon square SunNatal Moon - Sun aspects

  • Typical features that this square brings – What you want and what need are in conflict. This Moon – Sun aspects are similar to the Moon opposition Sun aspects. There is a tendency to attract challenging situations into the life.  That is an unconscious attempt to recreate the tension of early childhood. Also, a specific habits and attitudes can obstruct your progress in life. You generally have a need to achieve and accomplish something important.  And you act out your internal struggle along the way. You didn’t feel needed or accepted during your childhood. You clash between your parents or parent figures. In other words, relationship with parents made you feel unaccepted for whom you were. You experience a struggle between your need for nurture and your need for independence. Confrontations and challenges are frequent in your relationships.  Not just with romantic partners, but also on the job and with friends. However, you have a lot of drive and spunk. Also, you are resilient people who have faced conflict and who have survived it. Forced separations and moving from place to place are likely to occur.
  • Positive trades: Above all, you are intellectual, concrete and eager to learn. Also, you are educated, sophisticated, versatile, observing, bright, neat, agile, curious, communicative and open.
  • Negative trades: You face a struggle with fluctuating energy. You tend to be nervous, unsteady, restless, torn, dualistic, groundless, superficial, intrusive, unabashed, scheming, undecided, characterless and conceited. The attitude of the spirit of the mind and the senses usually tends to create a crisis.

 Moon sextile Sunnatal chart

  • Typical features that this sextile brings – If you are born with natal Moon sextile Sun, you are a well-balanced person. You can effectively assert your will. At the same time you can be considerate of the feelings of others. You are very rational in your relationships. Above all, you treat people as equals. So, you are generally well-liked because of it. You communicate well. In other words you prefer listening rather than only talking. This Moon aspect indicates that you are generally successful in life. You keep a positive outlook on what the future holds for you. Also, you don’t give up easily. You learned this from your parents. Above all, you will have lots of opportunities and “open doors” in this life. This aspect indicates a good life with reasonable success. The emotions and the will are at balance. You are generally very attracted to relationships and are attractive to others. A certain level of self-confidence and a sense of security make you easy to deal with many difficult situations. Vitality is usually good and quite constant. You are not prone to emotional ups and downs.  This is because your goals and your emotional needs are in harmony, despite being different.
  • Positive trades: This aspect suggests very balanced person. The relationship with the parents is pleasant. Above all, you picked up a healthy attitude towards people from the parents.  You are maternal, versatile, affectionate, cuddly, kind, familiar, romantic, humorous, tolerant, tender, graceful, sensitive, emotional, close to nature and very creative.
  • Negative trades: You must be encouraged to question life, or you will run the risk of taking things for granted. You are usually unsteady, moody, over sensitive, grumpy, easily hurt, melancholic, and groundless.

Moon Trine SunNatal Moon aspects

  • Typical features that this trine brings: The natal Moon trine Sun aspect is a very favorable position for success. This is measured one of the good luck aspects. Apart from worldly success, this also indicates overall good health, vitality and stamina. When you get sick, you recover easily. If this sun trine moon is in angular houses of the natal chart, you would be rich. Angular houses are 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th house. You received good parenting during your childhood. This position indicates that your parents were positive and supportive. Above all, you have the potential to become very successful. This potential should not be underestimated. The potential doesn’t guarantee success in your life. Also, you have a calm and easygoing temperament, while still refined and professional. You are strong communicator. Also, you have an ability to be persuasive while communicating. So, you should focus on your ambitions and goals because you have the potential to achieve them.
  • Positive trades: If you have this natal Moon – Sun aspects you doesn’t usually have ego issues. Also you do not mind helping others. You are also self-confident, very creative, independent, optimistic, heroic, kindhearted, generous, loyal, honest, distinguished, characterful and dignified.
  • Negative trades: You should watch out for too much passivity. With sun trine moon, things come easy. When life is comfortable, there is a danger of sitting back and doing nothing. You are also boastful, vain, arrogant, domineering, self-sufficient, pleasure-seeking, self-centered and often arrogant. You like to be the center of attention. Also you love the admiration and praise of others. Your recognition is their motivation.

 MINOR ASPECTSnatal chart

 Minor aspects that are possible or relevant for natal chart interpretation between the Moon and Sun are

 Moon semisextile Sun

You are more aware than most other people of the need to make adjustments in life. So, you know when to start and when to stop. You may find that you are in the position to adjust your path and your behavior in order to adapt to others. Also, you may find that you are in “no win” situations. In other words, you feel you have to choose a path that conflict with your inner needs. Indecision is something you may struggle with. You will do it until you find ways to satisfy your conscious needs and your inner desires.

Moon semi-square Sun

This natal Moon – Sun aspects indicates an ongoing conflict between what you think you should do and what you feel is right. So, this struggle can cause problems in your relationships with other people. This inner discontent can also motivate you to ask for more from. Sometimes you are torn between desires to progress versus a tendency to dwell in the past. Your inner, more domestic side struggles against authority. So, you could feel caught in the middle.

Moon quintile Sun

This placement indicates that you are naturally creative. You find life very interesting. So, you see beauty and wonder in things others might overlook. Others see you as unique in a subtle and pleasant way. Also, you are graceful and stylish in your self-expression. You prefer charm over force, method over madness. This makes you quite likable and lovable. In your relationships with others, you may be seen as talented at putting others at ease.


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