Natal North Node in The Houses

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The North Node of the Moon symbolizes making crucial decisions, leaving a life path, finding one’s Self, past incarnations, and a karmic lesson in this life.

The North Node of the Moon in the first house shows that you are a person who strives to fulfill your desires and independence in life. Of course, marriage is essential to you, but it often happens that you are a slave to love and your partner.

The North Node of the Moon in the second house indicates that you are a person who, from the past incarnation, often relies on others, especially regarding finances. Financial stability is essential to you; in life, you usually achieve this stability through your love partner.

The North Node of the Moon in the third house indicates that you were dominant and social. You didn’t have strong views. Because of this, you now suffer from loneliness or emotional emptiness; you are turned to spirituality and religion.

The North Node of the Moon in the fourth house shows that you were focused on the material side of life in your last incarnation. You are now going through bad relations with your family.

The North Node of the Moon in the fifth house indicates that in your last incarnation, you had many friends who were vital to you; you valued friendship. But unfortunately, you often neglect your partner, have bad emotional relationships, and have several marriages.

The  North Node in the sixth house shows that it is essential for you to have personal peace of mind, to be satisfied and emotionally fulfilled. Furthermore, you must feel safe because, in the last incarnation, you did not know how to value yourself or your family.

The  North Node in the seventh house shows that you are a person who achieves your inner attitude with love. Your inner beauty grows as much as your love for your loved one. However, sometimes you have problems with your ego.

The North Node of the Moon in the eighth house shows that you carry the need to acquire material things from your past incarnation. In addition, the fear of poverty accompanies you, so you cannot be relaxed even when there is no reason for it.

The  North Node in the ninth house indicates that you can achieve personal progress by broadening your horizons. Sometimes you are indecisive and afraid to initiate some moves, but this fear also forces you to think and make decisions.

The  North Node in the tenth house indicates that you carry some family-related karmic burden from a past incarnation. This is why you now think you can succeed through cooperation with family members.

The North Node of the Moon in the eleventh house shows that during your life, you often feel that you are karmically connected to someone, whether it is a partner or friend. Therefore, you have the strength and power to build great love and friendship relationships.

The North Node of the Moon in the twelfth house indicates that you approached business problems badly and without a will in the last incarnation. Now you have a lot of issues in the business field, but also the field of health.


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