Natal Part of Fortune in The Houses

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The Fortune Point represents progress, worldly success, innate abilities, and talents.

Fortune in the first house shows that money is significant to you. You do everything to have it; you don’t choose the means. So you are fortunate with money in life.

Fortune in the second house makes you a person who does not like partnerships and teamwork. You will find your happiness with independent work where you have no obstacles. You need help adapting to collaboration. You achieve your individuality with your jobs and decisions.

Fortune in the third house indicates that you are a courageous person. You face the problems before you; you don’t let anyone push you into a corner. You have a talent for philosophy; you often deal with psychology.

Fortune in the fourth house shows that you are a person who values family and home. This is where your happiness and success lie. Happiness comes to you through the construction of emissive foundations.

Fortune in the fifth house shows that your success depends on your creativity. Refrain from letting anyone hold you back in what you want to excel at. Your happiness lies in your imagination. You have to be very careful in choosing your friends.

Fortune in the sixth house shows that you are a person who finds happiness through work. You have good self-discipline and excellent intuition. You know how to use your natural talents well and enjoy the fruits of your earnings.

Fortune in the seventh house shows that interpersonal relationships are essential to you and give you the direction of your future. You respect the environment as it respects you. Therefore, your happiness often depends on others who can provide it through work or partner relationships.

Fortune in the eighth house makes you a person whose happiness comes through personal management of other people’s finances. Your talents are in the money; you are often a banker or an accountant, you take care of other people’s money, and you love your job, but you are also lucky in choosing a marriage partner.

Fortune in the ninth house shows your happiness in studying sociology, psychology, and similar professions. In addition, you have a distinct talent for listening and understanding others.

Fortune in the tenth house shows that you are a person who seeks happiness through society and the environment. Their acceptance is essential to you. You are talented in negotiations; you often deal with politics or similar jobs where you can prove yourself.

Fortune in the eleventh house makes you an amiable person; this is where your happiness and success lie. Contacts with people are essential to you; you make friends quickly, making you happy. The environment supports your concepts and your imagination.

Fortune in the twelfth house shows that you have a hard time dealing with reality. Your happiness is found primarily in accepting yourself. You achieve joy through meditation and solitude.

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