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The Sun represents our ego and our will. Mars is a courageous, daring, confrontational planet. When they combine through aspect, we can see how we are effective at directing the desire nature through willpower. The nature of the aspect describes the ease with which we expresses and direct desires and impulses. Natal Sun-Mars aspects are the rarest, because they happen with very little frequency. Natal Sun – Mars aspects indicate the relationship between the Self and the virility in all its diverse shades. It explains virility in all its diverse shades:  from the aggressive impulse to the nightmare of impotence. Below are the Natal Sun-Mars aspects aspects interpretations. See also the interpretations for Sun in the Houses and Mars in the Houses to see what specific parts of your life this aspect will take place in.natal sun mars aspects


Statement that represents the Sun and Mars aspects : Cosmic Energy Surge

 If your natal Sun sign is conjunct, square, opposite, sextile, or trine Mars, you are the winner. Well, at least, you have a powerful motivation.  Natal Sun – Mars aspects in the natal chart indicates a person who has a lot of energy and a keen eye for aesthetics, places heavy importance on being in a pleasing home environment and is a social butterfly.Natal Sun-Mars aspects are are under the influence of all other sun aspects. You have to know that if you want precise natal chart interpretation.

Sun conjunct Marsnatal chart

  • Typical features that this conjunction brings  – The Sun-Mars conjunction happens every two years, and lasts approximately twenty days. It’s difficult to be indifferent  with you. Above all, you have presence. There is a courageous air about you. This conjunction is a typical aspect of fighters, explorers and researchers. You are highly active , energetic and confrontational. So, you get right to the point and make things happen. Many people might call you impatient.  You simply can’t wait for something to happen. Also, you have a competitive spirit and like to win. You are channeled into sports. But, sports that require strategy is not your forte, because you are apt to apply force to get to goals. If you are person without a “channel”, you may run the risk of being bullies–looking for a fight.  Properly channeled, you are gutsy, not afraid of conflict and really quite daring. Inside, you are a rather insecure person who does everything in your power to prove yourself. This conjunction can give the character a virile tone. It also influences the emotional behavior, which sometimes assumes masculine, dominating forms. That could happen especially if Venus occupies “martial” signs (Aries, Scorpio, Capricorn) or show-offish and liberal signs such as Leo, Gemini and Aquarius.
  • Positive traits: This conjunction brings considerable individualism. You are energetic, optimistic, bold, fearless, spirited, courageous and full of enthusiasm for action. You make great results in sports that require musculature capacity.
  • Negative traits: You have an overload of will directed towards action. Typical Mars dissatisfaction impels the Self (Sun) to be fulfilled through aggression. . It gives a tendency to independence and to impulsive or aggressive personal affirmation.  If you don’t really like this people, it is no problem. They take that as a dare.

 Sun opposition MarsSun - Mars aspects

  • Typical features that this opposition brings – You are more confrontational and argumentative than active. And, you are filled with a hot, radiant energy. Without expressing this hot energy, you are likely to experience a lot of anger and drama in your life. Also, the aggressive instinct is opposed to the integrity of the ego. This can cause often frustrating effects. There is tendency to compensate for this by acting neurotically. In youth, you might feel that you often face anger from others. You see the Mars energy as coming from the outside. If you realize that the aggression is a part of your own personalities, you are more equipped to direct the competitive energy into productive avenues. If the birth chart is ruled by other positive values, this Sun-Mars opposition may be of secondary importance. Your passions can be so strong that in chasing them, others find you overly assertive. Also. you may not be aware of this until others react in a defensive manner. You are likely to become involved in many arguments and fights. Business and politics are other fields which are highly competitive. Working in high pressure situations will sharpen your skills.
  • Positive trades: When competing you will have a very strong will to succeed which is also good.You are objective, practical, hardworking, and persistent. Also you show a great sense of community. You are tradition-conscious.
  • Negative trades: Firstly, there can be a personal dissatisfaction and an inability to adapt. Secondly, you have an attitude of passive resignation, or sometimes, an impulsive attitude. Your need for personal affirmation can lead to wrong decisions. Also you are addicted, excessive, too comfortable, you have a fear of change and can be very stubborn. With this Sun aspect, wants and needs are not very balanced.

 Sun square Marsnatal chart

  • Typical features that this square  brings – You are competitive and have a “me-first”. Sun square Mars in aspect can have double-sided effects. This aspect should be considered within the general picture of the natal chart. If the aspect is found in cardinal signs, it gives you impulsiveness and a short temper. Also, If the aspect is in fixed signs, you can be very hard-headed and willful. If it’s in mutable signs, it gives a restless and frustrated impatience. If the square is accompanied by good aspects, this square will have a limited influence over the behavior. The calm development of the ego and the virile impulse clash and slow down each other. This makes for an emotional childishness that indicates uncertainty. Sun square Mars can also indicate accidents, disturbances of traumatic origin, unpleasant surprises or disappointments related to the meaning of the occupied houses. Your abundant energy generated by the hard aspects (especially the square) is hard to direct in childhood. Later in life, ideally, you learn to channel some of excess energy into productive avenues like career and sports.  You are very motivated to get things done, to take action rather than talk about something.Natal Sun-Mars aspects are are under the influence of  other  aspects.
  • Positive trades: This aspect gives you physical strength and the ability to work hard. You meet challenges head-on. So, you know all about conflict and blockages. In other words, when you are faced with a challenge, you don’t run away from it or hide under the covers feeling sorry for yourself.
  • Negative trades: You have a short temper. Also, you tend to take unnecessary risks. And, you may also be too impulsive, easily excitable and selfish. Others describe you as hot-headed and temperamental at times. You are easily frustrated. Also you are impulsive.

 Sun sextile MarsSun - Mars aspects

  • Typical features that this sextile brings – You are generally enterprising and have powerful stores of energy that you can draw upon when needed. Above all, you are naturally competitive. But,  this trait is generally well-received by others because it is unforced, unaffected and sincere. When you are expressing competitiveness and courage, it’s easy to smile and accept these traits as positive. You  know how to be fair, and you expect others to be fair too. You generally have good physical vitality. In other words, you are strong and fit.  That is why exercise and competitive sport should appeal to you. Sun sextile Mars is a favorable aspect in natal chart. It has a balancing and active influence in the development of the Self. You often enjoy harmonious relationships on the whole. That is because you are a sincere, warm and charming person. Making new friends is no problem for you. If you have this aspect, there may be a very strong relationship with your father, generally positive. This aspect brings fighting quality. This fighting quality can make you provocative. And you could turn your hand to some sort of political activism or find a career in the military. Natal Sun-Mars aspects are are under the influence of all other sun aspects. You have to know that if you want precise natal chart interpretation.
  • Positive trades: Firstly, you are competitive but truly believe in fair play. Secondly, you are rather popular as you are direct in your expression and self-assertive. And also your friends can count on you.
  • Negative trades:. Sun sextile Mars is a favorable aspect . So, you may be sometimes provocative. And you will rarely provoke aggressive responses in others. That is  because of your honesty and lack of pretension.

Sun Trine Marsnatal chart

  • Typical features that this trine brings:  This is one of the best aspects to bring out natural creative abilities. You are comfortable with yourself and have a healthy ego. Your self-expression and impulses are in balance. This made you very talented actors, musicians and artists. In other words, any area of your life would benefit from high energy. The aggression and over competitiveness are usually transformed in a positive way into creative energy, enthusiasm and sexuality. Also, you are very attractive and charismatic which makes ease in finding a partner. This aspect is an indicator of success in achieving your strong desires. With the trine, the characteristics of Sun-Mars come so naturally. That is why you may not even realize just how much endurance, confidence and enthusiasm you possess. This aspect often gives a happy social life, especially if the Sun-Mars trine is connected to Venus or Jupiter. Also, this can be an excellent foundation for a career where the spirit of initiative, decisiveness, and clear risk assessment are necessary. It tends to maintain intact the balance between the audacity and the mature will of the Self, without either one submitting to the other. Natal Sun-Mars aspects are are under the influence of  other sun aspects.
  • Positive trades: You are full of energy, brave, courageous and self-confident. People around you love to spend time with you. You made good relationships and are good friend.
  •  Negative trades: You should watch out for too much activity. With sun trine Mars, things come easy. When life is comfortable, there is a danger of sitting back and doing nothing. Also you love the admiration and praise of others. Sun trine Mars can tend to make women more masculine. Remember, Natal Sun-Mars aspects are the rarest and are under influence of all other sun aspects.

 MINOR ASPECTSSun - mars aspects

Sun semisextile Mars

You are more aware than most people of the “stop and go” energy of  life. You are frequently in the position to adjust your path. That is because the actions you take tend to be at odds with what you intended to do. Also, you often find that you are in “no win” situations.  In other words, your instinctive reactions conflict with your common sense. So, you need to learn to focus on one path at a time instead of constantly changing plans. You must get in touch with what you truly want to do.  And this takes effort. You are more resilient than many people.  In other words, you instinctively know how to adjust your behavior. True inner satisfaction comes not from constantly adapting and changing. It comes from acknowledging your often conflicting desires and finding ways to satisfy them constructively. So, when you set your mind to do something, it will get done. You have the strength and ambition to meet whatever obstacles you may encounter. Your strength may not be your most salient characteristic. But, you do have the energy to effectively apply to things that are really important to you.

Sun semi-square Mars

If you have these Sun- Mars aspects, impatience is your weakness. What you instinctively want to do is often in conflict with what you think you should do. You are not in touch with your desires. It causes you to change your plans frequently. Also you often offend others because of the way you assert yourself. You look impatient to others. Defensiveness and volatility are traits that you learn to manage as you mature. Above all, you are full of energy. Also you are very passionate. Your intensity and power color everything that you do. It is very important for you to plan everything. You are goal oriented and focused because your goals switch and your desires are always changing. When you are angry,  you have thoughts of revenge and hate that drag you into destruction. Remember, Natal Sun-Mars aspects are the rarest.

Sun quintile Mars

You can be extremely creative when it comes to going after what you want in life.  In other words, you maneuver and plan stylishly.  You can be quite talented in sports, management politics, law and business. Also, you are naturally competitive.  But your competitive nature is not   aggressive or antagonistic. In other words, you are easy to smile. And you more willingly drum up enthusiasm than you do opposition. You can be fascinated with patterns and structures. And you often have strong mathematical or engineering abilities. Remember, Natal Sun-Mars aspects are the rarest.

Sun parallel Mars

Above all, your energy is strong. So, you react quickly to most life situations. It is hard for you to sit and wait for something to happen. You are a proactive person. And you are often the first to take action. At times, you can be rash and impulsive. You are a self-willed, vital and motivated person. Also, you are rarely subtle or indirect in communications with others. You stand up loud for what you believe in. Remember, Natal Sun-Mars aspects are the rarest.

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