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The natal Sun – Neptune people are able to experience the beauty of the world on another level. They can feel on an intuitive level that the world is an illusion. Also they tend towards some form of idealism. They just have some special knowledge of what is going on in the world – that can seem like magic. Their identity is not a stable thing and if can be very hard to figure out what is their wants and needs. That is why when growing up they would try on different identities. They will be Buddhist for a year and then a hippie and then an animal rights activist. What can help them is too get in touch with them through creativity. Finding out what is unique and to express it will allow them to figure out where they stand. See also the interpretations for Sun in the Houses and Neptune in the Houses to see what specific parts of your life this aspect will take place in.Natal Sun - Neptune aspects


Statement that represents the Sun and Neptune aspects : who am I?

The Sun shows us areas where we should fulfill our potential and shine. Neptune is called the Lord of the Invisible Empire. Neptune represents a dimension of life that cannot be experienced by our five sense. We can only understand and perceive it in our imagination. Below is natal Sun-Saturn aspects interpretation.

Sun conjunct Neptunenatal chart

  • Typical features that this conjunction brings  – intuition, fantasy, empathy and self-sacrifice. This aspect is aligned with your ego and their will. So, you seek out some added dimension in your life. Whether that is spiritual, artistic, or simply different, there is some kind of quest for higher meaning with this aspect. You are a dreamer and idealist. Also, you resist being labeled or defined. It’s truly hard to pin you down. You may even glamorize your role in the world, or you seek to connect to something higher than yourself. So, you want to be something special, and it can be easy.  A great appreciation for music is usually present. An attraction to spiritual and metaphysical subjects is your characteristic.  At your best, you are very compassionate and tolerant. You are susceptible to being led astray or used, as you too readily believe in others’ integrity. Your connectedness can reach beyond the personal to include empathy or communion with other life forms and the environment. The ability to share yourself while still maintaining a healthy ego is key to dealing with this aspect. You must learn to set realistic boundaries. So you share just enough to keep up healthy relationships but keep enough to sustain your own needs.
  • Positive traits: You have great imagination, intuition, spirituality and a sense of harmony. However, all your activities lack order and structure. You sort of “translate” the big truths to others. You are likely to be unselfish and even submissive.
  • Negative traits: You are not very practical. Due to your heightened sensitivity to vibrational energy, there is great variability in how you deal with such an inflow of energy. This can range from spiritual enlightenment to paranoia, depending on fixed stars and other aspects to this conjunction.

Sun opposition NeptuneSun aspects

  • Typical features that this opposition brings: this natal Sun – Neptune aspects create people that are overly empathetic and too willing to sacrifice themselves. So, you may easily be used by others or cheated. That is why you should stay away from drugs, alcohol and tobacco.  This aspect also makes you a very sensitive and caring person. You can have some insecurities or inferiority complexes but can project a more confident outer appearance. Not naturally competitive, you often shy away from conflict. Also, you are looking to identify with something beyond what is normally expected of people. You are not aggressive. If you feel threatened you may use other tactics to avoid ego battles or power plays. Such tactics may include deception, fraud, lies and other underhand tactics. It is important than when you do go through periods of discouragement that you do not become dependent on things which artificially boost your confidence. You are more sensitive and susceptible than most to mind altering substances. A better way to develop a healthy ego is to master your creative or spiritual gifts. Your strong points are compassion and idealism. And this can lead to confident self-expression in careers involving politics, human rights or charities. Many of you  have a glorified image of your father. You may struggle with early conditioning that made you feel neglected in some way.
  • Positive trades:  You are very sensitive. Also, you are often very talented for  music, writing, poetry, dance and fashion.
  •  Negative trades: You  have tendencies to use drugs and alcohol.You are likely to experience some strange events or become involved in mysteries or scandals. You may be a naturally suspicious person. You might gravitate towards the “wrong people”, or get in with the “wrong crowd” in an attempt to define who you are.

Sun square Neptunenatal chart

  • Typical features that this square brings – this is a challenging aspect. You often struggle with a desire to be something special or to experience something more than the ordinary. You are day-dreamers and idealists. It is easy for you to trust others. You are looking to identify with something beyond what is normally expected of people. This Natal Sun – Neptune aspects creates many battles which you must overcome in order to feel confident about yourself. You are such a sensitive and caring person, it is easy for you to fall victim to injustices. Without taking corrective action, you could become v confused, paranoid, or dependent on drugs or alcohol. Most of you have in common a childhood that didn’t help you direct or define your lives. So, you struggle with defining who you are. You may struggle with early conditioning that made you feel neglected in some way. You will be forced to deal with your weak spots from an early age. Stronger people will bully you or try to deceive you. Hesitation, misinterpretation, and false accusations can make you more susceptible to discrimination and controversy. To repair these problems you must go into battle. At some stage, you will be forced to stand up for yourself and fight. This is the key to strengthening your self-image and improving confidence. There is much you can do.  You may fight for just causes or against discrimination in all its forms or crime.
  • Positive trades: You are most often extremely intelligent and sensitive and caring.
  • Negative trades: This aspect makes you overly empathetic and too willing to sacrifice yourself. And thus you may easily be used by others or cheated. You should stay away from drugs, alcohol and tobacco. You have tendencies to use drugs and alcohol to solve your problems.

Sun sextile NeptuneNatal Sun - Neptune aspects

  • Typical features that this sextile brings –  You are an unmistakable dreamer, inspired and sensitive. Also, a marked appreciation for music and the arts is present. These Natal Sun – Neptune aspects, represents the ego and the will. And they soften some of the hard edges that might be found elsewhere in the natal chart. You have a vivid imagination and inspired creativity. You are naturally compassionate, especially if you are born under the trine. It is natural for you to accept that there is more to the world than what is before your eyes. So, you tend to presume everyone must be spiritually-inclined. Also, you come to realize that this is not the case at some early point in your lives. In other words, your attraction to spirituality and metaphysical subjects is usually marked. These aspects bring writers, artists and musicians. Above all, you are sensitive to those who are suffering.  You are not as easily taken advantage of as those with Sun-Moon challenging aspects. You are humanitarian and often you love animals. If other aspects in the natal chart support it, you are not ones to dominate others or assert yourselves to the point of brashness. Above all, this aspect allows you to connect in a spiritual way to individuals and groups of people. You should be well-liked for your caring nature. That is because you are genuine and open in the way you express yourself.
  • Positive trades: You are very sensitive and creative. As Neptune rules film, we find many stars of the big screen with this aspect. Also you are maintaining high ethical standards and idealism.
  • Negative trades:. Being so sensitive can make you vulnerable to negative energies from people and situations. Therefore you will work best in a less competitive, more supportive and caring environment.

Sun Trine Neptunenatal chart

  • Typical features that this trine brings:  You are caring and sensitive with strong morals and ideals. Also, your charisma and mysterious appeal can make you very popular.  And your friends hold you in high regard because of your honesty and willingness to lend a hand. Your sensitivity to the feelings and plight of others may motivate you to support worthy causes. Also, you may become an advocate for just charity work. Or, you bay work on building a multinational corporation which improves the lives of many. Although you are sacrificing, you understand the importance of helping yourself first.  So, your success can enable you to help others. Your dreamy and peaceful nature can make people think you are lazy. You self-assured and quietly confident nature can hide your ambition. It is worth setting your goals high because you have the real potential to turn your dreams into reality. Musical, artistic and creative talents come with this aspect. Also, you have strong psychic abilities. You have a strong faith in yourself and the world. You would easily comprehend occult subjects like astrology and Tarot. Above all, you are setting a good example through your actions. You are sensitive to those who are suffering, although you are not as easily taken advantage of as those with Natal Sun-Moon challenging aspects.
  • Positive trades: You are very sensitive and creative. You are a trendsetter and ahead of your time in your view of the world. Also you are maintaining high ethical standards and idealism.
  • Negative trades: Being so sensitive can make you vulnerable to negative energies from people and situations. Therefore you will work best in a less competitive, more supportive and caring environment.

MINOR ASPECTSNatal Sun aspects

The minor aspects that are possible between Sun and Neptune are:

Sun quincunx Neptune

These natal Sun – Neptune aspects brings glamour or intrigue to your life. This can also manifest as savior and victim, or saint and sinner. You can be a celebrity or a spy. But, you have to believe in what you are doing. Any confusion about your identity would lead to a lowering of self-esteem. A healthy ego requires a healthy body, healthy habits, a good diet and exercise. Those things are most important for you. You are extra sensitive to poisoning and susceptible to addiction. Also, with this Natal Sun – Neptune aspects it is important to surround yourself with positive energy. If you hang around losers then you will quickly transform into one. If you feel guilt or shame about your body or identity then strip off in front of your webcam and get used to your body, no one has to see or know about it. It does not take too much effort to tip the balance from negative to positive. It is always a balancing act because too much pride would lead to a fall.  Just as too much self-pity will lead to failure. Al of this is important to know for natal chart interpretation.

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