Natal Venus – Vertex aspects

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Natal Venus – Vertex aspects show the relationship between your heart and life lessons. Depending on the house location of the Vertex in the natal chart, the Venus person will bring a lesson involving the area of the house it’s in. The Venus person ‘lights up’ this house area of the vertex person.  There are tremendous opportunities for growth in that area of our life. There can be an instant sense of attraction. The way Venus and Vertex present and express themselves is highly admirable and engaging to the person.  The Natal Venus – Vertex aspects bring managerial qualities. It enhanced the personality, particularly those in public life See also the interpretations for Venus in the Houses and Vertex in the Houses to see what specific parts of your life this aspect will take place in. It is important for natal chart interpretation.Natal Venus - Vertex aspects


 A statement that represents the Venus and Vertex or the third Angle aspects: The chance moment

The Vertex in astrology is a karmic point that needs activation to bring out its power.  The vertex falls on the western side of the natal chart, with the anti-vertex found exactly 180 degrees away, on the eastern or the ascendant side. Three things can activate the vertex: transits, other people (synastry) and places. The vertex is an astrological concept that is not very well known but is of fundamental importance for natal chart interpretation. Below is the Natal Venus – Vertex aspects interpretation.

1 Venus conjunct Vertex

  • Typical features that this conjunction brings:  You find it relatively easy to be a person of importance. Also, Your self-esteem attracts prominent people to you. And the risks you take are usually rigorous. Being in charge of others and coming before the public are areas in which you are comfortable.
  • If this rare aspect exists in your natal chart you need to work on: those Natal Venus – Vertex aspects are called the first impressions. So you need to work on first impressions toward other people. Also, you need to work on the self and appearance, leadership skills, new initiatives, fresh starts, and beginnings. Whatever lives in this house helps you understand how the people around you perceive you. Remember, depending on the house location of the Vertex in the natal chart, you will have a lesson involving the area of the house it’s in.
  • Individuals with too many conjunctions: Many astrologists think that having conjunctions everywhere is a good thing because it is a positive aspect. It would mean that the person with all the conjunctions is even more like the sign in which everything seems conjunct. Positive traits and negative traits are much more apt to be magnified than if they only had one planet in that specific sign. But it is always good to have a certain balance or aspects. It makes a person more grounded and sane.

2 Venus opposition Vertex

  • Typical features that opposition brings – You find that by doing something for yourself, you attain the success or happiness you deserve. Also, you may achieve a feeling of importance due to the confidence you feel about yourself. You are hard worker, and goal oriented person. In other words, it governs self-expression, drama, creativity, color, attention, romance, fun and play.  There is a constant interaction with the environment, which is expected in achieving all happiness.
  • If this rare aspect exists in your natal chart you need to work on: With this Natal Venus – Vertex aspect you do not realize that you are more accepted and wanted by your friends than you realize.   You must accept those things.  With this Natal Venus – Vertex aspect you need to accept your social skills and the potential that can come from working with others. That is because; you will realize that you are more goal-oriented than you understood.
  • Individuals with too many oppositions: You tend to worry too much about what people will talk about them. You take things personally as water signs usually do. There is a strange complexity in the air when you are around. You have a fear of judgment and imagine a riot before it happens.

3 Venus square Vertex

  • Typical features that square brings –You have the drive to overcome the obstacles that have stood in your way. Also, you put out the effort needed when health issues arise. Once you overcome the negative images you have of male figures or anyone in authority, you have the ability to gain status.
  • If this rare aspect exists in your natal chart you need to work on: Firstly communication skills, education, and also controlling your thoughts. When Natal  Venus – Vertex aspects appear, we might learn valuable information about the people around us. Remember, depending on the house location of the Vertex in the natal chart, you will have a lesson involving the area of the house it’s in.
  • Individuals with too many squares: You are usually in constant tension. You are giving a major time to adjust the scenarios. You are usually striving for some more action. You are very well known for your abrupt behavior. That causes you to be stressed out to the point of having a breakdown.

 4 Venus sextile Vertex

  • Typical features that sextile brings – Above all, opportunities come in your life to boost the value you place on your services. These usually come through male figures in your life. With this Natal Venus – Vertex aspect you may develop a great talent for working with children too. Sports and creative efforts smooth the way for the promotions you seek.
  • If this rare position exists you need to work on: Destiny acquires the qualities given by the sign of Cancer. Life will have a lot of baggage, and nutrition, beyond the physical part. You can be involved in jobs related to caring for others. It is very often that this vertex manifests in someone you already know. That may be your best friend that you suddenly see with different eyes. The events surrounding the family, such as weddings, communions, etc., have a lot of weight.
  • Individuals with too many sextiles: You tend to be too lazy and comfortable. For you, changing is hard and suffering. It is very hard for you to learn that you are stuck in a comfort zone. Sextiles create wonderful abilities instead of owning them. Your biggest work here is to realize how much you could be missing while sitting back and just relaxing.

5 Venus Trine Vertex

  • Typical features that trine brings: Above all, you get the rewards of the efforts you have put out to succeed. Also, there is a certain amount of luck and drama with this aspect. There should be many people who help you to feel positive about your life. With this Natal Venus – Vertex aspect you are favored by the men in your life, your father, son, brother, boss, etc.
  • If this rare position exists you need to work on: You gain much personal satisfaction when you start something new.  You need to realize the importance of initiating projects independently of others. Then you will gain great strength and great accomplishment. There are hard tests here but also the moments of greatest ecstasy. It is undoubtedly the vertex that provides the most intense love.
  • Individuals with too many trines: You tend to forget your best and the most talented self. So, you need to keep reminding yourself of their hidden creative spots and what needs to be done. You have to work harder to realize such beautiful things in you.

MINOR Natal Venus – Vertex aspects

The minor aspects that are possible between Venus and Vertex are

6 Venus Quincunx Vertex

With this Natal Venus – Vertex aspects you enjoy caring for your health and making adjustments to the conditions of others in your life, especially men. This may bring out the best in you. The adjustments you must make often steer you in the direction of your true calling. You may have concerns about your partner’s money, insurance, or taxes.


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