Natal Vertex in The Signs

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Vertex has a significant influence on the relationship between you and your partner. It shows the hidden desires and passions that we carry in life. Vertex can answer you if you wonder if your partner loves you and if you stay together.

Vertex in Aries makes you a rough and passionate person. You have an obsessive desire for truth, adventure, and passion. You are determined to get what you want.

Vertex in Taurus shows you as a sensual person greedy for all your possessions. As a result, you have an interaction with which you can attract just about anyone into your life.

Vertex in Gemini has a great power of communication with a partner. Communication is essential because you need to recognize your partner’s gestures. Unfortunately, you tend to flirt and are not for stable relationships.

Vertex in Cancer makes you have deep desires for family and home. As a result, you are distrustful and possessive; jealousy and your deceptions destroy relationships.

Vertex in Leo makes you a particular person; you do your best to be loved and recognized. You have a great desire to be adored and loved. Therefore, you blindly trust your partner.

Vertex in Virgo, you are known for the purity of intimacy. You rarely engage in sexual relations if you have not studied your partner well. However, you tend to connect with people involved in any treatment.

Vertex in Libra makes you a person who longs for peace and justice. You create an image of a harmonious love life for yourself. You strive for harmony, but you are no stranger to fraud.

Vertex in Scorpio makes you a person who constantly has to prove that you are irreplaceable and irresistible in all intimate fields. What others see in you is only some things because you always get more.

Vertex in Sagittarius makes you a dreamer of adventures. You have an intense and vital need for new experiences. Unfortunately, the standard tires you, and you always expect something different from your partner.

Vertex in Capricorn makes you strive for a partner who will support and understand you. The social status and power of your partner are also important to you. He must be ready for your sensibility but also your passion.

Vertex in Aquarius makes you a person who is not prone to jealousy. You are ready to do anything to make your partner happy, but you expect him to reciprocate in the same way. As a result, you have an irresistible charm.

Vertex in Pisces makes you a person who has an internal need to interact with a partner. You are connected to your partner mystically. You have intense sexuality.

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