New Moon in Scorpio on November 13 – vital energy changes for five horoscope signs!

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New Moon in Scorpio on November 13. is one of the most energetic events. However, these five signs of the Zodiac should prepare for this period – dramatic changes await them.

During the New Moon period, not only the Sun but also the Moon and Mars will be in your zodiac sign. You may feel a strong wave of energy: direct this resource towards achieving your goals. Otherwise, you will encounter increased irritability and aggressiveness.

During the New Moon, one of your ruling planets, Pluto, will be in Capricorn, transiting your 2nd house. Don’t fear a strong desire to restore order to your emotions.

The central theme of this New Moon is you and your relationship with yourself, emotions, and self-esteem. Try to write down in your diary all the thoughts that come to you on November 13: among them, you can find your new guidelines and values.

The central theme of the New Moon in Scorpio for Leo is family and home. During this period, the transit of the Sun, Moon, and Mars in Scorpio through the 4th house awaits you. Think about what you would like to change in your family or your relationship with your parents.

Research: You may discover new facts that will help you. Think: are you comfortable in your home? The time may have come to update your living arrangements.

Mars in Sagittarius will pass through your 5th house, associated with children, creativity, and the creation process. If you have been thinking about expanding your family for a long time, then the New Moon period is the ideal time for it.

Otherwise, it is worth channeling this energy into creative activity. For example, visit an exciting lecture on art or sign up for a master class.
The time has come to face your unconscious experiences and fears: the New Moon will find you in the 8th house. During the same period, the asteroid Chiron, responsible for healing mental trauma, will be in your zodiac sign.

You may feel that despite your best efforts, you must get the recognition you deserve. Depression and lack of initiative could visit you this New Moon.

Don’t run away from these painful feelings and emotions: do your shadow work and begin your healing. Otherwise, this cycle will repeat itself until you learn your lessons.
The New Moon in Scorpio will find you in the 9th house, associated with spiritual growth, travel, and religious matters. At the same time, Neptune, your ruling planet, and Saturn will be in Pisces.

The coming New Moon for you is connected with the search for new ideas and attempts to understand religious issues. Study philosophical teachings and spiritual movements – anything that will help you pay less attention to material things.

Saturn in your zodiac sign balances spiritual and material energies: thanks to this, your spiritual growth will not turn into an avoidance of reality.
It’s time to think about family! This is precisely the topic that will haunt you during the New Moon. Events are possible that will radically change your attitude towards marriage or children.

Venus, your ruling planet, will pass through the house of health – pay attention to your condition. You may have been putting too much pressure on yourself lately.

Venus in Libra will ask you to balance work and rest and devote time to yourself and your needs.


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