Ninth House

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Ninth House

Ninth House Characteristics:

Modern Title: House of Philosophy
Latin Motto: Iter – Journeys
Quality: Mutable
Ruling Sign: Sagittarius
Ruling Planet: Jupiter
Keywords: Foreign Travel, Culture, Religion. Law and Ethics, Knowledge

Using education we can gain a greater understanding of the principles and abstractions that can improve our world. No matter if it is philosophical or psychological using the Ninth House enables us to take a journey of exploration. On this journey we learn what is important to us and discover how we can be ethical. It enables us to have a clearer understanding of the world around us, and perhaps more importantly, if gives us a view of the unknown, of spirituality. Accepting the greater world around us is the master key to unlocking the Ninth House.

Unfortunately we do not always have humility when looking at what we have. Understanding the possibilities for our lives can lead to coldness and callous calculation that causes greed and unethical behaviour. Our laws allow for ethical and positive ambition in our society. Religion and philosophical understanding further helps our society to grow harmoniously. Understanding the ways that society works, and how to respect the rights of everyone within it are the fundamental principles underlying the Ninth House.

How we learn to expand our outer and inner lives is another aspect addresses by the Ninth House. Travelling, experiencing and communicating with other cultures are a means to this end. Our dreams that illustrate our past as well as subconsciously inform us about future events, help us in general life and relationships. Consulting with psychics, could take this a step further being the bearers of relevant information to help enlighten your path.

The Ninth House also addresses big business ventures, publishing, multinational business such as importing and exporting. It also has a multigerationa; view that takes grandchildren and in-laws in to account. Whatever the Ninth House is described as, it’s most obvious meaning is that it’s a philosophical search for the truth, and the meaning in life.

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