November 27 Full Moon in Gemini – we move forward quickly through all tensions!

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Many planetary forces are at play under this Full Moon, making it dynamic and scattered. He is our reminder to start cleaning up the mess from the past year. It’s time to let go of things that have become too burdensome. Creating lightness will make it easier to navigate through all the tense energies it brings.

We’ve almost reached the end of the calendar year, and under this full Moon, we might start to feel that it’s time to let go of all the problems that 2023 has brought us.

Although we have another Full Moon in December/December, the Full Moon in Gemini is on 11/27. It leads us to start thinking about what we want to purify and what we want to get rid of. What do we no longer want to wear in 2024? What has become too complex and overwhelming? What was taking up too many resources?

It’s time to start thinking about letting go of the heavy stuff. It’s time to start cleaning our plates to move through 2024 with more alignment, grace, and ease.

Use this Full Moon to evaluate what is hard to hold on to and what you want to release in the new year. Set your intentions and take them to the Universe under a full moon. Allow them to be carried by the powerful cleansing energies that the full Moon brings.

The twins are represented by the Twins, where one twin is mortal, and the other is immortal. This means the duality that lives in all of us. We are both finite human beings and an infinite, timeless soul.

We have human “rules” that we must follow and live by, but our soul is boundless and free.

This duality symbolized by Gemini is something we can relate to and worship under this full Moon. How can we appreciate our human self and respect our soul and its wisdom? As Gemini is ruled by the planet of communication, Mercury, exploring this issue through journaling would be great.
All this planetary energy combines to give this Full Moon a fiery edge. Mars and Lilith are powerful planetary forces that can fill us up and create tension. If you have something simmering inside of you, this Full Moon can amplify those things.

Hot emotions run high, and we can feel irritable or frustrated with how things are going.

It’s time to let go of things that have become too burdensome, and creating fun and social activities can help ease any tension you may be feeling.

Saturn, the planet of karma and our master teacher, is also active under this full Moon, reminding us of the importance of setting boundaries and caring for our health and well-being.
Mercury is also known for his excellent social skills and storytelling abilities, making the Full Moon in Gemini a fantastic time to socialize, get together, or spend time with friends.

We may need extra socializing or find that our social calendar is filled with some events. Conversations can flow with less effort, and we can feel more comfortable, come out of our shells, and share our stories.

Make the most of this energy by scheduling a gathering or event around this Full Moon.

Many planetary forces are at play under this Full Moon, making it dynamic and scattered. Mars is in conjunction with Saturn, and Lilith, the female goddess, is also active.
You can see that many mixed energies are circulating under this Full Moon. We have many planetary influences, so we can feel scattered under this energy.

Whatever happens to you, this Full Moon in Gemini looks set to be an influential teacher. Allow yourself to be a learner, and you’ll likely find that as this Full Moon goes by, you can understand things from a better place or see things from a bigger-picture perspective.

Overall, this Full Moon is our reminder to start clearing away the clutter from the past year and to find time to spend with our friends and family. Creating this ease will make it easier to navigate through all the tense energies that the full Moon brings.

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