On August 27, Mars in Libra will shake all relationships

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Mars in Libra on August 2023
Mars in Libra on August 2023 starts on the 12th of November. From August 27 to November 12, Mars moves into the sign of Libra and directs our focus to relationships, partnerships, other people, and what comes to us from them.

Mars in Libra on August 2023 and relationships

Some relationships will change, we will see things that have been overlooked so far, we will meet new people, and maybe even end or cool down a relationship that is giving us trouble.

Now more than ever, we can see ourselves in the mirror held up to us by other people. What upsets us about them, puts us in a state of resistance, and makes us angry is something we have inside us but are not ready to face. Because we despise it because it bothers us…

That is why the coming weeks can be very instructive in personal development, especially if we take the role of a conscious observer and watch without reacting or drama.

This makes me angry…

I say what I feel…

Mars in Libra on August 2023 and setting boundaries?

Do you know how to protect yourself from what comes from the outside and threatens you? Do you dare to express yourself? Say ‘no’ when you need to.

Are you giving too little or too much to your relationships? A balance of giving and receiving is vital.

Indeed, some people will now appear to you in a new light, and you will need to make some decisions, which will only sometimes be easy because Mars is very hesitant and indecisive.

What if I choose option A and ultimately lose the other options?

This Mars is a great charmer and seducer. If you feel someone is conquering you, give yourself time to see what is behind it.

His characteristics include fairness, seeking balance, mediation, peaceful dispute resolution, and passive-aggressive behavior.

Disputes, lawsuits, the beginning of a new partnership, and the termination of a bad relationship are all particular possibilities throughout the upcoming period.


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