On whom will Saturn in Pisces have the most significant influence from mid-February?- These four signs have the power to achieve something big in the next four years

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Saturn will move into Aries on February 13, 2026, when it leaves the sign of Pisces, and here are the zodiac signs that will be most affected in the next three years:


Are you ready to take your career more seriously than ever before? Saturn influences your 10th house of the job when it enters Pisces, acting as a mentor who uses tough love and discipline to encourage your excellence. Saturn will motivate you to take your goals more seriously and give up on your dreams if you are not embarking on a career that means something to you. In addition, Saturn will draw your attention to where and how you went wrong and how to avoid it again. Although your career and reputation may experience many ups and downs during this time, this transit will ultimately strengthen your career like never before. You will be rewarded if you keep trying.


Saturn will set boundaries and demand seriousness in your relationships for the next three years. Pisces rules your seventh house of partnerships, allies, enemies, and spouses. Saturn will highlight weak links in your relationships with the people in your life. Saturn is a planet that rewards longevity and commitment, which may mean you’re ready to marry or move forward with a friend or romantic partner. However, Saturn is a planet that does not tolerate immaturity, so it will show you whether your relationship dynamics are healthy. Don’t waste time on unnecessary things; devote yourself exclusively to what is essential.


Saturn will encourage you to connect with your past. It moves through your fourth house of home, family, roots, and relatives. Intense truths about your family and home dynamics can surface, forcing you to mend those rifts and establish boundaries that will allow you to have a healthier relationship with your family. If you feel uncomfortable at home, this transit will encourage you to leave your lousy life situation and work on creating something even more vital. If you don’t feel like your home is where you want it, Saturn will remind you that building a home takes time. And if your home and family are already in good shape, this transit will remind you to invest even more in your personal life. Although money and professional success are essential, they are only meaningful with home, family, and harmony.


No one will be affected by Saturn in Pisces like you. However, as Saturn spends the next three years bearing fruit in your first house of identity, you could feel a lot of pressure on your shoulders. Indeed, this in itself is a small Saturn return! Although many things in your life are ending, even better things are beginning. When Saturn transits your Ascendant, you may feel harsh on yourself and overly critical of yourself, but that’s only because you suddenly expect much more of yourself. Saturn pushes you to see all you can, so stop making excuses or lowering your standards. And if you don’t start taking things more seriously, you might get less than you deserve. Also, work on self-love and self-acceptance of other efforts; you can achieve results.

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