Pisces – apologizing by horoscope

rp_sorry-300x201.pngPISCES – It is all about caring for Pisces, whether you care for them or they for you. And who owes an apology in that situation?

Pisces woman
rybyArmed with an enigmatic look and a mysterious smile, female Pisces will calmly listen to you, while you are trying to hide your jealousy unsuccessfully (anyhow, it’s not her fault that so many men show interest in her). She will approach you gently, give you a tender hug and a kiss. She will continue doing so until you cannot separate whether it is a dream or reality, nor until you forget whether she made angry or sad. But one thing is certain: once again, she did it- she made you happy.

Pisces man
pisces manHow could you even think that he would even consider getting mad at you; he, who exists only to fulfill your wishes and draw your sighs out? As soon as he senses that you doubt the sincerity of his excuses (more or less successful ones) and that you are getting angry, the male Pisces starts to swindle around looking for the nearest exit. He almost always manages to find it, so that his apology has a note of deep suffering and the inescapable touch of drama. What woman would even want to look at me when I bare a sign on my forehead that I love you! Whether you believe it or not.

Originally posted 2019-12-20 09:05:45.


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