Pisces as ascendant – compatibility with other signs

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Pisces ascendant

pisces 111The Pisces ascendants are calm, gentle, and quiet persons. They are easily influenced, shy and sometimes very religious. They grow unsubstantiated fears. They may seem lost, and see things as they are not.
Pisces ascendant– Aries sign
rp_pisces11-300x285.jpgrp_ovan-2-253x300.jpgpeople born under the influence of this signs are very peculiar persons. They are in a constant conflict of hiding and being open. They have irrational fears. They may become interesting artists but they need to learn to calm down and relax.
Pisces ascendant– Taurus sign
rp_taurus21-224x300.jpgrp_pisces11-300x285.jpgThey are calm persons with a sense for beauty. They are often traditional, but present themselves in an informal way. Their faults are being slow and indifferent.
Pisces ascendant– -Gemini sign
rp_pisces11-300x285.jpgrp_gemini-3-287x300.jpgWe have a hundred persons in one in this combination. They are conflicted with themselves, bu never the less, they may achieve intellectual successes.  They are very intelligent, great lieder and visionary. They are often inventors of new things.
Pisces ascendant– Cancer sign
cancer1rp_pisces11-300x285.jpgPerson born under the influence of this signs is combination of a philosopher and a Samaritan. They are empathic, but they overcome every situation. Longer voyages are quite often present. They do not talk to much but they enjoy writing and typing and making scratches.
Pisces ascendant– Leo sign
rp_pisces11-300x285.jpgrp_LAV-224x300.jpgThis combination of signs gives people who are pompous on the out side, but calm inside. They may be interesting managers in occupations that involve esthetics or the occult. They are very intuitive and excellent advisers.
Pisces ascendant– Virgo sign
virgo 2rp_pisces11-300x285.jpgThey are usually very shy, but well accepted, decent, and sometimes too modest. They choose the easier way once too often.
Pisces ascendant– Libra sign
rp_pisces11-300x285.jpgrp_Libra-2-237x300.jpgThis is an excellent combination of signs  for art occupations. They can be too sensitive, and need a stronger guide. They are too gentle and too nice and should develop a sense for individuality and reality. They love family and children and tend to have many children.
Pisces ascendant– Scorpio sign
rp_scorpio-1-249x300.jpgrp_pisces11-300x285.jpgIt is hard to throw them off balance. They are cold blooded and indifferent. They can achieve what they want in a subtle way. They are attractive in a special way.
Pisces ascendant– Sagittarius sign
rp_pisces11-300x285.jpgsagittarius man 1This combination of signs gives people who  may appear naive and trivial, but they always find a way to be liked. They have many honest friends, they love to love and be loved. They have an interest in religion. Their home is where they travel.
Pisces ascendant– Capricorn sign
rp_Capricorn-1-253x300.jpgrp_pisces11-300x285.jpgThis is an excellent combination of control and imagination. They may seem cold, but those who know them discover many interesting worlds inside them. They could become intellectuals and writers.
Pisces ascendant– Aquarius sign
rp_pisces11-300x285.jpgrp_aquarius-248x300.jpgpeople who are under the influence of this signs love people and consider the humanity. They love their family, and they are ready to sacrifice themselves for those ideals. They always land on their feet they are very capable to find solution for every problem.
Pisces ascendant– Pisces sign

rp_pisces11-300x285.jpgrp_pisces11-300x285.jpgThey are weak willed and indifferent, and may seem really poor, but they actually have a profound wisdom that impresses only after a long observation


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