Pisces as ascendant – influence on zodiac sign

rp_Pisces-196x300.jpgIf you want to have the knowledge of the horoscope signs you have to understand the Ascendant. It discovers the person’s character. It is possible to provide the first psychological portrait of the person, even without knowing the sign itself, while the other way around is not possible. That is why all the horoscopes that can be read in the press and media are inconsistent.

rp_telo-285x300.jpgPhysical appearance: They are average or lower height, with short limbs. They incline to be corpulent in elderly age. They have chubby, oval faces. They might have double under chins, watery lively eyes, wide and soft mouth, wavy, strong and thick hair, dark brown or black. They have small hands and feet. They have a distinctive look and slow pace.

brainMental abilities: They are very perceptive, with an excellent memory for versus. They are inconstant, and susceptible for outside influences. They are very sensible, passionate and merciful. Sometimes, they are reserved and mysterious in their business ventures.

rp_alll-300x25611111111111.jpgNeptune rules the natal chart of the Pisces ascendant. Their perfect partner is a Virgo. This ascendant produces persons which are romantic, mild, and trustful. They find imperfections in others easily; they have strong intuition, even telepathic powers. Never the less, they often give their hart to the wrong person. They are inclined towards music and any types of art. They may be very successful in professions that bring changes and require details. They are shy, which is the cause of their instability and susceptibility to outside influences. Their will is weak, and problems demoralize them easily.
spektar 2Pisces ascendant provides sense for mercy. These persons are noble, passionate, and sometimes mysterious. They are basically hyper sensitive, and often carriers of artistic achievements. They are easily adjustable and they fall in love lightly. They are won over by compliments and other people’s emotions; they idealize their partners too much.

Pisces ascendants experience fatal love affairs frequently. Their faults are inconsistency, weak character, levity, liability for vices, strong imagination that leads to lying and hypochondriac behavior. They have an ability to affect others, but to accept suggestions as well. They have an excellent power of perception. Their positive characteristics make them appealing for the opposite sex. Their health problems are anxiety, bad circulation, rheumatism, feet or leg injuries.
good bad 5Their love relationships are very important but they constantly dream about better life. They fall in love easily, but they lack security, which they try to find through partner’s support. They are passionate, physical, enjoy sexual contacts, but they lack courage to make their erotic and emotional fantasies come true. They usually allow their partners to dominate in relationships.
Apart from the Virgo, their ideal partner may be a Scorpio or a Capricorn.

Their descendant is in Virgo, which implies to a practical and analytical partner, who pays attention to details and who is able to maintain balance in their intuitive approach to life and decrease the chaos that the Pisces make.


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