Pisces – decans influence on personality

rp_Pisces-196x300.jpgAstrology readings based on decans of the Sun Signs are one step ahead in personalization. For here each Sun Sign is divided into three 10-days slots, each of which is a decan. Read and learn which decan you belong to, and how does it shape your personality.

First decan: born between February 19 and February 29

  • jupiter1neptunThe ruling planets are Jupiter and Neptune in case the individual is born between 19th February and 29th February. They have fixed purpose and are very stubborn. They have a vision but they are largely impractical. In the middle and old age, destiny would smile. Those born under this influence are selfless, intuitive and romantic. They have a strong imagination and they see beauty in everything. They can sense the emotions of others. They are happy to help people and also make wonderful friends.
  • The first Pisces Decan personality is characterized by romanticism, selflessness and intuition. They take a positive and optimistic view of life that sometimes borders on naivety as they seldom see the bad in others. They can sometimes be taken advantage of by ruthless or devious personalities because of that. They have a dreamy romantic nature and always find the poetic in anyone or anything. They can drift off, quite easily, into their fantasy world because they have a vivid imagination.
  • Because of their highly intuitive nature, they can sense the mood, feelings and emotions of others. But because of their sensitivity these moods and feelings can seep into their soul, so that they carry other people’s worries with them. They hate to se sad people, their selfless nature forces them to help others. They make for a wonderful friends and will offer a shoulder to cry on and a listening ear to those who ask for it.

Second decan: born between March 1 and March 10

  • moonThe ruling planet is Moon in case the person is born between 1st March and 10th March. They have wonderful will-power, but simultaneously may also be moody and withdrawn. A good home atmosphere shall be significant for them. There is a danger that these people may get overindulgent towards drugs or sex. It shall be good for them if they remain away from all types of intoxicants. They are sensitive, and are said to possess strong psychic abilities. They are selfless and shall do anything for anyone. They are natural givers, and don’t like to take anything from anyone. They feel and gauge others’ emotions, and that is why they have their hand on the pulse of the people.
  • The second Pisces Decan personality is characterized by self sacrifice, sensitivity and strong psychic abilities. They are highly psychic and use all senses to connect to their intuition to guide them. They are highly successful in careers that require empathy and understanding like therapists, counselors and mentors. They will do anything for anybody and often to the detriment of themselves. They instinctively put others before them and don’t expect thanks.
  • They are a natural givers and don’t like to take and also very kind hearted and trusting. They only see the best points in people. They are sensitive souls and feel emotions deeply. Because of this they sometimes experience the extremes of emotions being elated one moment and in the depths of despair the next. These mood swings can dent their confidence. Other peoples moods and emotions effect them deeply just as they feel their pains and joys.

Third decan: born between March 11 and March 20

  • marsThe ruling planet is Mars in case the person is born between 11th March and 20th March. These people are the strongest among Pisces in other decans. They know really well how to succeed in all the spheres of life. Given their awesome energy from Mars they may keep dreaming and hallucinating. They envision many things; still they aren’t able to express them all. Sometimes, they pile up mental anxiety and depression, particularly, when the reality doesn’t conform to their fantasy world.
  • The third Pisces Decan personality is characterized by a spiritual nature, experimentalism and intensity. They are highly sensitive to psychic connections and attuned to intuition. Spirituality plays a significant part in their lives, they often think about soul searching and finding the true meaning of life. They are deep thinkers with a strong imagination and can create poetry and works of fiction that are truly moving.
  • They are passionately intense with the people they love and just as intense with the beliefs they hold. They devote their time, energy and attention to anything they consider truly worthwhile. They love to experiment and will try anything at least once. They are forever reinventing themselves to adapt and change to the differing circumstances. They are somewhat of a chameleon and can change dramatically according to the situation. Because of this ability to adapt and change they make excellent actors.

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