Pisces Little secrets – how to deal with the Pisces boss

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secret g-He’s a superlative director , also a capable producer , he can run a dance studio like a dream. As the head of a detective or research bureau, his uncanny psychic ability to penetrate mystery leads him straight to the top of the heap. Pisces executives are usually tremendously successful, and with his sensitive nature, Pisces was born to serve mankind. Secret: just do your work and be responsible, very responsible and you will soon be his right hand and his dear friend.
secret g– Pisces boss is honest, he will tell you everything he thinks directly, sometimes he cal look cruel and he will tell you that you will be fired. Secret: he just cant stand irresponsible people, he will give you a second chance, and another one too if he see you are trying hard . Do not take personaly what he says, he is just professional and perfectionist.
secret g-It is very difficult to impress a Pisces chief with your get-rich-quick schemes. These people believe that the best way to the top is by slow and steady steps. Only when you deliver the job at hand will you be allowed to move on to the rung above you .Secret: do not expect to be promote quick, he sees everything, you wont regret if you work for him, but show him you try hard
secret g– Pisceans are known for their immense creativity, they have very creative mind. This is why most successful Pisceans appear to belong to the ranks of writers, actors, artists, musicians and others who have the freedom to work on their own. Secret: if you have a couple of ideas fermenting in your brain, don’t hesitate to express them to your boss.
secret g– A Piscean finds it impossible to be restricted to the cold facts of logic and he delights ranging in the boundless space of the imagination. Pisces are imaginative and sensitive. He often has the tendency to go away on instant vacation from the realistic world this is especially true when a Pisces has been hurt by someone close or experienced a major disappointment. Secret: use this as an opportunity to show your boss you understand him. You will not only come off as a loyal employee but also a more sensitive and humane one which are qualities that are highly appreciated by Pisces.
secret g– A Pisces boss is immediately capable of putting him in another person’s shoes and view a situation with his or her perspective. He is very human and empathetic and he often organize volunteer work . Secret: At such times go along with your boss’s ideas and avoid bunking such initiatives. You will not only keep your boss happy but also you will have chance to be rewarded very soon.

Originally posted 2020-01-27 19:56:35.

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