Plants- influence on Zodiac signs

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plantsThe connection between the stars and plants has been established a lot of time ago, especially with the plants which are more than other subjected to a certain annual rhythm. The main mutual relations between the signs, their ruling planets and the plants are established as follows:

ARIES ruled by Mars: onion, garlic, ginger, artichoke,
TAURUS ruled by Venus: almond, apricot, fig, strawberry, peach, grapes, wheat, cabbage, plantain, thyme, lemon, sage.
GEMINI ruled by Mercury: parsley, nut, Valerian, flax, mustard.
CANCER rued buy the Moon: cabbage, cucumber, mushrooms, pumpkin, rosemary
LEO ruled by the Sun: cinnamon, rise, laurel, dandelion, sunflower, and nut.
VIRGO ruled by Mercury: fennel, green mint,
LIBRA ruled by Venus: elder, peas, currant, peach,.
SCORPIO ruled by Mars: basil, artichoke, onions, blackberry, current.
SAGITTARIUS ruled by Jupiter: asparagus, hazelnuts, fig, sage, raspberry, parsley.
CAPRICORN ruled by Saturn: barley, incense, quince, ivy, celery, hop, radish.
AQUARIUS ruled by Uranus: all kinds of grains, chamomile, lime, artichoke, asparagus, laurel, sage.
PISCES  ruled by Neptune: elder, anise, pear, spinach, poppy and hemp.


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