Retrograde Jupiter in Taurus until December 30 – Look into the past and find solutions

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Jupiter is the planet of expansion, so as it travels retrograde, it tends to expand the issues that require our attention. Let’s dive deep into the energy of retrograde Jupiter in Taurus

Jupiter in retrograde motion

Jupiter is generally considered the planet of light but has a dark side. It is the planet of expansion, and just as it can expand abundance and our desires and dreams, it can also extend the things we don’t want to look at, the things we sweep under the rug because they are too painful or unpleasant to look at.
Jupiter retrograde could bring some of this to the surface for us. It can indicate the dark side of a situation we faced, a bad relationship we nurtured, or negative aspects of our psyche.
It allows us to see more detail, perspective, and profound truth. The more we look, the more likely we are to get a clearer picture of the situation and focus on the details.

Retrograde Jupiter in Taurus

Jupiter retrograde in Taurus will expand what we need to focus on but will likely highlight our financial situation. Financial markets may also be in the news at this time.
Jupiter in Taurus marks a time to plan for the future, especially regarding our finances. Its energy favors secure, solid, and stable organization and growth, so try to think in that direction regarding money issues that may arise.
Energetic, retrograde Jupiter in Taurus can also affect our self-esteem and worth. What do we decide to give value to? Our sense of what we value changes at the moment or evolves to be more aligned with a higher vision.

Jupiter retrograde and returns to the past

All retrograde periods require us to look back to assess and revisit things that still need our attention.
If something significant happened in your life during an earlier period, expect it to become relevant again. Take your time looking for the easiest solution to the problem, and be focused and detail-oriented – when you look at the bigger picture of the situation, the answer will appear by itself.

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