Retrograde Mercury from December 13, 2023 – January 1, 2024 – the last Mercury retrograde of the year brings misunderstandings in communication

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It’s official — the last Mercury retrograde of the year is upon us. It could bring misunderstandings, so consider putting a pause on any significant conversations that will have a long-term impact on you. This retrograde Mercury will primarily affect Capricorn, Libra, Aries, and Cancer.

From December 13, 2023, to January 1, 2024, Mercury, the planet of communication, will move retrograde for the last time in the year. The pre-retrograde shadow will start on November 25, and the post-retrograde shadow should end on January 20, 2024.


How does Mercury retrograde affect us?

Suppose you’ve wondered why people freak out when Mercury goes retrograde. In that case, it’s because Mercury is a planet that influences communication, and retrograde motion is generally thought to signify negative overtones for the astrological world.


This can lead to everything from lost email to interrupted travel, and astrologers also believe that it can result in changes in friendships or disagreements, miscommunication and general misunderstandings, brain fog, anxiety and headaches, and uncertainty about work and personal projects. Sounds nice.


The last Mercury retrograde in 2023 differs slightly from the previous two because Mercury moves from Capricorn to Sagittarius during its retrograde dance.


The overall tone of this particular retrograde will encourage big thoughts and a desire to earn recognition and achieve the things you’ve always wanted. While the influence of hard-working Capricorn makes you bow out since the messenger planet is retrograde in Sagittarius, it makes you restless, delays, and slows you down. It’s gut-wrenching, meaning you must push the boundaries to overcome those limitations.


Don’t panic — embrace the change!

It is important to remember that the potential influences of Mercury retrograde are ultimately theoretical. So even if things may not be in their usual rhythm, don’t acknowledge that it could be because you are more aware of potential changes and paying more attention to them.


Pointing out potential problems will ultimately not change anything, so avoid dramatizing it. Keeping calm will not only help with your overall outlook but will also ensure that you are in a much better position to deal with any unexpected changes during this time.


Perfect your communication

Since Mercury rules communication in all forms, whether written or spoken, try to pay more attention to what it involves, from negotiations and jobs to travel plans and texting.


Simple things like checking your email to ensure there’s no room for misunderstandings or allowing extra time to review new contracts will make a big difference. Consider whether people seem ‘lower’ than usual or misinterpreting your words.


Review where you invest your energy

While Mercury retrograde is an easy scapegoat for the general chaos of everyday life, it also represents an opportune time to look back and think about where you’re investing your time and energy.


Maybe you find yourself caught up in work that takes time for your family, or you need to give yourself space to get stuck into your favorite hobby. Balance is always essential, not just during Mercury retrograde, so it’s good to take stock and see if you’re happy with your current balance.


Mark your calendars now to avoid any unwanted surprises.

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