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  • fatimaFatima’s palm brings luck and protection of evil to the bearer. It offers protection in dangerous situations and awards vital strength and power. A hand with stretched fingers was a symbol of luck in Babylon. The palm was carried in Egypt to attract luck with it, and to keep it when it comes.
  • cloverIn the middle ages, the Fatima’s palm was a wide spread and favorable symbol of luck. Often, magic symbols were drawn on the palm, mostly Hebrew symbols and letters. In some cases, palm lines were drawn it, in order to read ones destiny and true desires. Different lines express different characters and destinies. The raised hand has a double meaning; one is a greeting to destiny in its good aspects and simultaneously scatters the bad aspects away.
  • During the ages, the palm has represented a special part of human body. With its help, one can express hospitality, caring for others, feelings and aspirations up to the symbolic gestures of the Hand of God.

Originally posted 2020-07-30 05:28:12.

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