Ritual – The Love Cross gradual spell on a Thursday night

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ritual za ljubavTuesday symbolism: Tuesday is connected with planet Mars. It  is an aggressive planet. Tuesday is a driving force in the workweek, and will auger a sense of productivity, competition, determination and completion. With these kinds of energies in the forefront, Tuesday is the perfect day for finishing big  tasks. Tuesday is also a great day to start new projects and new relationships.

This spell works gradually. In time, the loved one will express more interest in you. The spell I executed on Thursday nights. It is necessary to buy a new broom and take two branches from it. Afterwards, the branches should be placed beneath the doormat. Take one branch and say:

“Love is the law”.srca4

Then, take the other branch and put it over the first one, making a cross and say:

 “Love is an obligation”.

The first results will be obvious very quickly. Sometimes the results come immediately.


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