Ritual – How to prevent energy theft

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energyHow to prevent that kind of situation? For start, comprehend that you do not owe anything to anyone, least of all energy even if your friends or family are the persons in question. If we don’t let someone steal our energy nothing negative will happen, the succubus will just leave to find another victim. By acting this way we disable that person to develop and to find the causes of such behavior in themselves. Keeping status quo is mutually damaging. Intention lies in the first place. Intention is easily felt; we will feel the energy thief  or energy vampire even if he is not using words. In order to prevent energy theft one has to be determined to go through with it without feeling uncomfortably. After you have decided to put end to being drained and an end to the person responsible, do some of the following things. Cross your arms achacrasnd legs (if you are sitting down). This is a defensive body position. With a good reason, you are putting a barrier between you and your opponent, not just physically but on an energy level as well. Put your left palm over your belly and your right palm on the top. You are blocking the stealing of energy that way. No matter if someone is sitting next to you or not, imagine yourself inside of a glass bell that protects you. It is quite amazing, that once you do that, the person stealing your energy will find an excuse to move away from you. They will leave as soon as they feel that they cannot suck your energy out anymore. Do not think that you need to be nice for any reason at all and continue the conversation, either be silent or respond as short as possible. Execute one of those techniques and just smile and nod your head.

  • As soon as the thief sees your barrier they will cease the communication immediately. The techniques will not be successful if you have not firmly decided to stop the energy drainage. If you find any reason at all to continue the conversation with that person, they will feel it and keep on draining your energy. Do not be sorry if this happens with someone whom you consider a friend or a family member. If that is the case, know that your relationship was not sincere. Well, perhaps it was sincere on your part but not the other way around whether that person did it knowingly or not.
  • When you meet someone who drains you and tires you, draw a line immediately since you already know why it is happening. This is your life and your energy and you are not obligated to give it away. Give your energy to persons who give it back, who appreciate it, who will improve their and your life with it and with whom you have a closed circle of sincere and energy wise truthful relationship. Rely on your heart, it will always show you the truth and you will never be wrong. Choose good people and surround yourself with persons that appreciate you, and who make you mutually grow, because you deserve it.


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