Sagittarius – apologizing by horoscope

rp_sorry-300x201.pngSAGITTARIUS – Sometimes it is not a good idea to expect an apology from the Sagittarius. You might feel like you are the guilty party.

Sagittarius woman
Basic RGBEven when she apologizes to you, you have a feeling that she is lecturing or, in a best case scenario, giving you a good manners course. The female Sagittarius is secretly hoping that you will finally realize that everything she does is for your own good that you will tell her everything about your previous relationships, and about the fact that they meant nothing comparing to yours, and then she will lose her temper because you are excusing yourself like a schoolboy late for his finals. Her examining look full of understanding seems to be saying: ˝As soon as you calm down, you will carry on where you stopped…˝

Sagittarius man
sagittarius man 1Do not worry, even when he makes you mad the most and takes you to the breaking point, the male Sagittarius will know how to apologize in the most charming way. Well, at least he has enough experience with women whom he has stood up or awarded on the slightest notion of affection they have given him (it is generally known how, although he will never talk about it, everybody will know that he had hit bulls eye once more). That is not the reason for you to get angry! You should be grateful to him for drawing his attention, like you are a mermaid in a sea full of fish.

Originally posted 2020-01-30 09:06:07.


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