Sagittarius as a parent

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sagittarius fireWe all think that our parents do not understand us. But are they really that bad, or it is just because of the stars? If you want to understand your parents or if you are a parent, read the following words.

sagittarius man 1fatherSagittarius as a Father
The Sagittarius as a father loves to spend quality time with his children. Innocent at heart, he becomes a child when playing with his children or helping them with their studies. Sagittarius father need time to get adjusted to the new role of parenthood. Being a father is probably the first relationship most awaited by him .They take time to settle down to the fact that they are going to be fathers. They bring warmth into their children’s lives with their optimism and humor. They let their explorer’s self rub on to their children and teach them to expect the unexpected in life. Since Sagittarius prize freedom in their life, they will recognize the need to give that space to a child as well. Both father and child enjoy each other’s company. He will not be too strict with them, and will shower his love on them. He will give enough freedom to his children to let their talents flower. There is a health mixture of discipline, freedom, installing of values and courage to stand by one’s own convictions in the parenting. They take their role as father very seriously and that is the key to their success. Sagittarius men love exploring new things and he will try to find out ways to teach his kids outside the school. Sagittarius gives way to him being the ideal father who would want to spend as much time as possible with his children.

mother 1Basic RGBSagittarius as a Mother
The Sagittarius mother is rather lenient and prefers to shape the future of her children by showering them with lots of love and affection. She treats her children as friends rather than kids. She gives her children lots of freedom, she will make sure that they don’t go off the tracks. Freedom is one of the main needs that she will pose. She tend to be a relaxed parent who won’t restrict her children unnecessarily, but she do understand importance of certain boundaries. Education and experience can be achieved in many ways, not only through traditional schooling. She passes her knowledge and ideas on to her children as much as possible. Children will be inspired by a truly open mind. She wants her kids involved in as many activities as possible. Children might not be interested in or ready for it. While doing so, she might cause frustration and ill will for both her and your child. Sagittarius is highly capable of becoming great parents.

children1Sagittarius as a Child
The Sagittarius children are very innocent, and have the ability to preserve their innocence much longer than most children. Even after they have grown up, their innocence will shine. Sagittarius child is a born adventurer. For Sagittarius children, life is all about experience. They can be very stubborn, but are soft inside and love their family. They may not always obey their parents. They want to go out into the world and embrace everything it has to offer. Sagittarius child wants to learn and understand. Parents can help him by making his life as fun, varied and challenging as possible. The Sagittarius child is naturally sporty and will need to work off his extra energy by doing things that are playful and physical. Sagittarius kids tend to be bright, lively and outgoing. They have a wide circle of friends. There are just too many people who love being around him!

Originally posted 2020-05-23 22:10:57.

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