Sapphire – amazing characteristics and use

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safir 1COLOR:  blue, yellow, green, black, purple
APPEARANCE: Bright, airy when polished, often small pieces
FREQUENCY:  some colored sapphires are rare but most readily available in the form of rough stone
SOURCE: Myanmar, the Czech Republic, Brazil, Kenya, India, Australia, Sir Lanka


Sapphire FEATURES 

Sapphire is known as the Philosopher’s Stone. Each color has its particular wisdom. Directs and calms the mind, and releases unwanted thoughts and mental tension. It brings peace and equanimity of mind, harmonizing the physical, mental, and spiritual spheres to establish a balance within the body.

This milestone releases depression, and spiritual confusion and stimulates concentration. It brings prosperity and attracts all kinds of gifts. Passed on the throat, this crystal releases frustration and facilitates the expression of thoughts.


It possesses various metaphysical properties, such as promoting intuition, clarity of thought, and inner peace. This stone calms overactive systems in the body and regenerates the gland. Leaflets blood diseases and reduce heavy bleeding strengthen the veins and improve their elasticity. This stone can bring you confidence and wisdom and has the power to help you trust your intuition. Also, the power of this stone can protect your body and the energies that surround you. It will save you from the negative energy that other people can emit to you and can provide you with calm and potent strength during stressful moments and chaos around you.

Especially, if you’re an overly sensitive person to people and the world around you, this stone can protect you from anxiety and panic. This stone can make you feel hopeful even when everything seems to be falling apart and everything seems to be going wrong, this is the right stone for you. Whether you feel physical or psychological disbalance, this stone will increase your enthusiasm and level up your energy. Can be very stimulative on your root chakra. It will help you find the right path lead you in a safe direction and bring you happiness.


This stone is a very powerful pain reliever. Also, it can be very useful if you recover from injury, accident, or trauma and is very helpful for healing bruises and dislocated bones. Very good for the treatment of blood disorders while improving the elasticity of your veins and their good health.

Also, this is an excellent stone to have when you are looking for a new job or you want to change your career, or get more effective in your plan. It had the power to stimulate your mind and fill you with confidence and self-respect. This stone is an excellent source of support for any situation. Whether you wear a necklace with Sapphire or you have it in your home.

Sapphire necklace
Sapphire price

Here is a beautiful birthstone solitaire pendant necklace featuring a round birthstone prong set in high-polished sterling silver.
Customer reviews:
4,5 of 5
3,255 ratings
“Very pretty, dark blue stone. Nice size – not so big it looks fake, and not so small you can’t see it. Beauty in simplicity.” –
Gail from Lake Geneva

 FACTS: Effects of Different Colors of Sapphire

Black Sapphire protects

This stone increases employment prospects and helps to keep the job.
Blue sapphire is helping with searching for spiritual truth and is traditionally associated with love and purity. It is extremely effective for healing the chakras.

Green sapphire improves vision

Green sapphire improves vision, inner and outer, and helps the memory of dreams. Stimulates heart chakra.
Pink sapphire acts as a magnet that draws into your life all that is needed to advance. This is the stone that acts quickly and teaches you how to master emotions.

Meditate using Purple sapphire

Purple sapphire is useful for meditation because it stimulates the rise of kundalini energy and the crown chakra. This stone activates the pineal gland and its connection with extrasensory abilities

White Sapphires open crown chakra

White Sapphires open the crown chakra provide exceptional protection and remove obstacles to the spiritual path.
The yellow sapphire attracts wealth to the house and can be kept in a piggy bank to increase the progress and profits. If worn, it should touch the body.

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