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Sardonyx is a type of banded chalcedony that is composed of layers of sard and onyx. It is a variety of agate with alternating layers of reddish-brown sard and white or black onyx. The distinct banding patterns give Sardonyx a unique and attractive appearance, making it a popular choice for jewelry and ornamental carvings.

Black, white, brown, transparent
LOOKS: at the stripes, matte, could be big or small, often kotrljan
FREQUENCY: Widely available in specialized shops
SOURCE: Brazil, India, Russia, Asia Minor



  • Sardonyx is the stone of strength and protection. Causes the search for a meaningful existence and encourages honesty and correct behavior. Brings lasting happiness and stability in marriage and partnership, and attracts friends and happiness. Can be installed in a protective grid around the house and garden, to prevent any crime. The stone can be placed in each corner of the house, at the door, and behind all the windows, but it is much more effective if divining rods or pendulums accurately estimate the appropriate place.
  • Psychologically, Sardonyx increases willpower and strengthens character. It increases the strength of vitality and self-control. This stone relieves depression and contributes to the overcoming of volatility. Mentally, Sardonyx improves perception and promotes the process of osmosis and information processing.


  • Sardonyx leaflets lungs and bones and restores sensory organs. It regulates the metabolism of cells and fluid, strengthens the immune system, promotes the absorption of nutrients, and elimination of waste. Also, this stone heals the essential sensory organs and boosts your sense of smell,  sight, hearing, and touch. This stone smoother cleans your entire body. This is possible because this stone aids in the absorption of essential nutrients and rids your body of toxic waste which provides you with good health. This amazing stone can even help you treat infections of the kidney and the urinary tract. Also, is great for bone structure. If you have problems with back pain this stone will also facilitate the treatment. This amazing crystal will allow you to look at the positive things in life, especially during tough and hard times. An amazing stone like this is particularly useful for anyone going through any type of existential crisis because it will bring positivity, better structure, and clarity to your life.


  • This stone can be used as jewelry and you can wear it wherever you like around your neck or wrists. By the way, if you want to enjoy all the benefits of its powers, you should keep the stone on you at all times. If you want to expire the full potential of its energies you must keep the stone in your surrounding aura for long periods of time throughout the day and night. Daily use of this stone will help speed up its effects and strengthen the impact that it has on all aspects of your life. The perfect stone for those individuals who find themselves stuck in a monotonous routine and it is ideal to lack the motivation to break it and feel much better bringing a new dimension to your life. It will direct your energies in the right direction and focus on things that need to be done to move on to the next level in your life. Also, the positive energies emitted from the stone will attract very pleasant people to you, which will lead to opening the doors for new friendships and new emotional romance, as well. Or, if you have felt like your partner is drifting away from you or you feel that she or he may be losing interest in you, keep this amazing stone in the house, you can put Sardonyx under your partner’s pillow, will for sure help revert this bit of problem.
    Sardonyx healing crystal

    Natural Sardonyx crystal stone fossil tumbled beautifully polished.
    Customer reviews:
    4,5 of 5 ratings
    “They are very big and beautiful. Perfect for your collection or meditating or just to hold and admire.” – Blake Hardin


  • Black Sardonyx absorbs negativity. Brown Sardonyx grounds energy.
    Transparent Sardonyx refines. Red Sardonyx stimulates.
  • Recommend cleaning it every 10 days under running warm water or overnight in the pan with rock crystal.
  • If you Fill this stone directly with the Sun it will bring stronger effects.


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