Saturn is moving directly on November 4, 2023. for the four signs of the Zodiac, it will create confusion!

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In astrology, the planet Saturn is traditionally associated with concepts such as discipline, order, and karma. This planet is designed to show you which areas you can grow and forces you to constantly work on yourself.

When Saturn moves retrograde, it’s time for lessons from the Universe. For many, this period becomes a test: the same event is repeated until the lesson is learned. A creative block can also appear because Saturn likes routine and order.

In 2023, Saturn began retrograde on June 17 and will end on November 4.

It is these four zodiac signs that have already received instructions from Saturn – check if you are among them!

Representatives of this zodiac sign are expected to experience business changes!

The approach to work will change: you could be burdened with too many obligations that will be difficult to cope with.

During Saturn retrograde, you could have learned a small but valuable lesson about your relationship with work.

A lesson learned during retrograde is how to reach new heights in your career!

Retrograde Saturn is a challenging test for representatives of this sign.

Aries used to an active way of life, had to slow down and dive into the subconscious world to understand what was happening there.

Saturn sought to show in which areas you lack control.

Perhaps you have been allowing external circumstances to affect you for too long.

Use the lesson to make a long-term plan to improve your life.

The presence of Saturn in your sister’s (opposite) sign is a test of strength for you.

Long-term relationships may have been particularly relevant in recent months as Saturn moved through your 7th house.

You managed to take a little break in the retrograde period from the drastic changes in your life to set the priorities in relationships correctly.

Think about what happened during retrograde in the sphere of relationships: this will help you understand how not to stand on the same rake during the period of direct movement of Saturn.

Representatives of the Pisces zodiac sign could not help but feel the influence of Saturn.

You may feel like you carry the world’s weight on your shoulders.

The most important lesson for you is the restoration of self-awareness.

Saturn has put you through various tests so that you can ultimately show the world an updated version of yourself: more mature and self-sufficient.

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