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Saturn in zodiacPlanets are major influencers on the zodiac signs. Their movements  are ever changing influence our current horoscope and future events. Each planet rules a specific zodiac sign.  Below are the interpretations of the Saturn in the zodiac signs.

Saturn in Aries

aries and planets
  • The message of Saturn in Aries – I don’t have patience for those who do not abide by my rules.
  • Saturn in Aries represents all the rules and limits . They think that they can lose control if they do not show strength. They believe that a house built on strong foundations cannot be brought down. Hard work disciplines force and impulsive energy . This leads to tangible results that provide security.
  • What to expect during Aries season? This season is keen to start projects and dive in headfirst. There is a strong sense of self-discovery here.  Also, there is a desire to define and invent an independent identity. This season helps cultivate the courage to take risks and make mistakes. That will ultimately help you grow. Aries is a very physical sign. So This s eason is a great time to start a new workout routine or physical health regimen.
  • What to expect from Aries? Aries loves to take initiative and follow the path they believe in. Courage is one of the traits people notice most about them. They don’t let their mountain of goals scare them away. They can be a very capable leaders, one who knows what to do. Aries are also capable of meddling and trying to run the affairs of others. They may avoid confrontation and fear taking decisive action.
  • Advice (if you are Aries) Impatience can ruin all the good work you try to do. Caution may need to be developed in the carrying out of your plans.

Saturn in Taurus

taurus sign
  • The message of Saturn in Taurus – Only work, discipline and responsible relationships bring firm results.
  • Saturn in Taurus stands for security and integrity forged on reliability and loyalty. In order to gain social status they often rely on conservative values. If anyone thinks that sitting all day by a computer is a waste of time, that one is Saturn in Taurus. They are repelled by the virtual world. That is  because they fear loosing touch with reality and the real world. They invest a lot of time and effort in work. They want to provide material security and existence. Fear of poverty and hunger is often present. No amount of work is enough, they always have a picture of the unfortunate ones in front of them.
  • What to expect during Taurus  season? Saturn makes us consider how we get comfortable with our finances. If you’ve been feeling stalled financially, this season might give you the  boost you need. Taurus can tend to indulge in a bit of laziness. So, it’s helpful to work on habits that give you an energetic boost. Also, Saturn shows us where we limit ourselves due to fear or insecurity. You might also have a hard time asking for help. When you feel insecure or vulnerable, you tend to cling tightly to what you have and know.
  • What to expect from Taurus? They tend to place too much emphasis on material goods and possessions for security. So, they can become miserable due to worrying about what might happen tomorrow. On the positive side, they are a tireless workers and have patience. Loyalty is important to them. Building structures that last is a need they have. Their feelings are serious, well-controlled and not easily changed.
  • Advice ( If you are Taurus) – Some of your lessons include allowing yourself to enjoy your winnings without feeling guilty. Secondly : building the courage to ask for help when you need it without feeling you have failed.

Saturn in Gemini

Saturn in gemini
  • The message of Saturn in Gemini – Carefully choose from everything that is offered and available.
  • Saturn in Gemini strives for affirmation through knowledge. This makes them stand firmly on the ground. They care to be appreciated for their intellectual maturity. If someone has to play the role of the wise man, that is certainly them. They rely on their intellect.  Gemini  tend to build firm structure and security through contacts and communication. They might be slaves of prejudices or are narrow minded.  But they do not resent  for that. Those characteristics comes from the fear of being taken as not serious and irresponsible. Thee need to defend their own integrity through intellectual process is present.
  • What to expect during Gemini season? During this season you can expect all.  From heartfelt conversations to idle gossip. Gemini is a natural communicator. Saturn, encourages us to slow down and consider our words carefully. Our personal and professional relationships are important to us .  We may start to evaluate them during this time. This is also a good season to use our communication skills in a new way and learn something new, like dancing.
  • What to expect from Gemini? They may feel some discomfort or self-consciousness when expressing their  lighthearted, superficial, enthusiastic side. They  might also be afraid of being tied down to routine and as a result, end up with too many projects going at once. Some of their many strengths include preciseness, accuracy and logical thinking. Gemini make an excellent teacher or guide. But there may also be tendencies towards cynicism, depression and pessimism. Nervous tension can be a problem.
  • Advice (if you are Gemini) – Practice a sense of mindfulness and intention when you speak.

 Saturn in Cancer

Planet in Cancer
  • The message of Saturn in Cancer – Fear is the oldest emotion.
  • Saturn in Cancer stands for affirmation through family. They express feelings very hard. They build walls around their soul. This is  a kind of a defense mechanism. It is of great importance to make emotional life stable and build a firm family structure. It is said for them that they have stone souls. But there is something gentle and scared behind those walls. Cancer use  a great effort to overcome fear of vulnerability. Safety is increased after building the personal firewall.  But that may lead to becoming a firm and stiff person.
  • What to expect during Cancer  season? This is time for self-analysis. We can learn important things about our childhood patterns. Those patterns might be the key to unlocking a happier life. With time and reflection, it will be possible to heal those deep-seated wounds. Those wounds  have been holding us back for years. This can be an isolating time. So remember that it is okay to ask for help.
  • What to expect from Cancer? They can be moody, fearful and insecure because they feel unloved, probably by parents. As a parent they may be very demanding. There can be a strong tendency to dwell on old hurt and misgivings. This can adversely affect their health and wellbeing. Problems with this placement have to do with holding onto things and holding things in. They are inclined to hold on tightly to things of sentimental value.
  • Advice (If you are Cancer) You dislike the feeling of being dependent or needy. Try not to convince yourself that you don’t need support or intimacy

Saturn in Leo

leo zodiac
  • The message of Saturn in Leo – General stability depends on authority, that will make your ground stronger.
  • Saturn in Leo strives to accomplish personal ambitions to reach stability and firm structure. If they fail, it is due to fear and lack of belief in their own values. Such fear may block self-confidence. It can also cause doubt, disbelief in success and capability. They need to build authority to feel secure. Responsibility is more present if there is possibility for recognition. Jupiter is considered especially auspicious, bringing positivity, opportunity and good vibes along with its massive presence.
  • What to expect during Leo season? This season asks us to consider who we are, how we present ourselves to others.   Also, what makes us confident? Saturn in Leo might bring that answers out. It is also important to understand the difference between the story you tell about yourself and how other people see you. This is a good season, but we may need to develop faith in the future. It will be important for us  to discipline our mind and learn to think and act methodically.
  • What to expect from Leo? They may deny their own needs for things like showing off, enjoying feedback and attention and expressing their  playfulness. Leo may go out of their way not to call attention to themselves. Theymay also have problems with people who seem to want to control or direct them. Leo believes that people should be their own authority. They are exceptionally skilled at organizing and management. Health issues are sometimes associated with this placement.  Weak spots are heart and back . They need love, but may not know how to to give it or receiving it. On the negative side, they may be cruel and quick-tempered and jealous.
  • Advice (If you are Leo) – You are  proud but insecure, and this combination can limit your opportunities.

Saturn in Virgo

virgo horoscope
  • The message of Saturn in Virgo – Work never killed nobody.
  • Saturn in Virgo strives for affirmation through analytical capabilities. Virgo loves giving  help to those who need it. They  need to be in charge of details. Lack of faith in their own capabilities of usefulness can lead to doubt. It is important to invest a lot of effort in hard work to achieve results.  Stability and security is achieved by bringing order into the everyday life. And they become crude if someone tries to ruin that. They ask for precision in work. Their day is planned in details  and obligations need to be finished on time.
  • What to expect during Virgo season? Saturn in Virgo is about taking that knowledge and figuring out how to take advantage of our best qualities. Perfectionistic Virgo tends to make us particularly hard on ourselves. So this is a good season  to streamline our routines and  cut down on frustrating delays and drama. Virgo is also connected to the body. In other words, consider changes in health or diet during this time. Holistic medicine or acupuncture are all great tools during this season.
  • What to expect from Virgo? Theytend to be industrious, efficient, practical, exacting, scientific, organized, shy, thrifty, studious, and punctual. Virgo have a common sense and the ability to manage others. They are often a perfectionists. Detailed work does not bother them. They  have an excellent eye for details, but they sometimes get lost in them. Virgo people  have a tendency to convince themself that they just don’t care to get things right. In all likelihood, deep down, they care too much.
  • Advice (If you are Virgo) – Tackling the root of the problem with self-honesty can help you to do less fretting and more living. Also, do not allow yourself to be critical of others.

 Saturn in Libra

zodiac sign
  • The message of Saturn in Libra – Setting boundaries is equally important in partner and any other relationship
  • Saturn in Libra has a need for responsible and mature relationships, they plan everything consciously with their partner. Status is connected with social recognition. Wise strategy and discipline are means to the laurels. They are the backbone of a relationship, because they strive for stability and security. Saturn in Libra people attract all the good things in life through leading others.
  • What to expect during Libra season? This is a season of relationships and partnerships.
  • Libra constantly struggles to maintain a sense of balance. So this season forces us to evaluate how our needs match up against the people in our life. Communication skills are highlighted here. We will rethink personal relationships. Are they serving us or holding us back? Saturn in Libra can help us sort these issues out and find a better sense of harmony with the people in our life.
  • What to expect from Libra? With  Saturn in Libra, they may weigh the different sides to a situation so much that decision-making can be painful. They have a well-developed sense of fairness and justice. Libra people have sense of responsibility for others. They are diplomatic, tactful and have balanced judgment which inspires trust. There is a need for them to cooperate and share in harmony and love with others. Marriage or partnerships may be restricting, requiring hard work . So they may learn the lessons of cooperation rather than competition. Marriage and partnerships give them a sense of security. For that reason they seek them out. They may marry for practical reasons, like money.
  • Advice (If you are Libra) – They need to learn detachment and to desire mental and spiritual things. Too great a comfort with the status quo can prevent them from making necessary changes.

 Saturn in Scorpio

scorpio zodiac
  • The message of Saturn in Scorpio – You can’t command time, you can only  control yourself in time.
  • Saturn in Scorpio have a need to to affirm themselves by controlling their volcanic passion. They invest effort and discipline to cast the unnecessary for complete transformation. The obstacle for achieving ambition might be being possessed to rely only on themselves and their experience. They have a strong urge to defend their emotional structure which can prevent closeness to others. So, Scorpio people show fear of knowing the deepest feelings.  They disrupt achieving their own goals by being conservative. There is resistance for thorough changes which demands casting away all the things holding them back.
  • What to expect during Scorpio season? In this season, Saturn asks us to examine and redefine many things. Some of them are: passion, power, money, death and transformation. Scorpio is associated with desire. So, so we will also be trying to find new truths in our relationships and carnal desires. So, Evaluating our relationship with control is crucial here. With heavy themes of rebirth in this sign, prepare for deep transformation. Some things needs to symbolically die in order to make way for something else.
  • What to expect from Scorpio? They can be very self-disciplined. Scorpio people have executive ability and are perceptive and extremely capable. They may have psychic ability. People may find them difficult to understand because of their reserved exterior and secretiveness. On the negative side, though, there is danger of stubbornness, revenge, lack of forgiveness, resentment, and ruthlessness. Tendencies to grub for money and prestige can cause harm. They may have a hard time admitting some of their  emotional vulnerabilities or desire for emotional intimacy. Opening themself up completely can be challenging.
  • Advice (If you are Scorpio) – You may also need to work on your attitude towards change, transformation and growth. A deep fear of change can keep you stagnating in situations that aren’t good for you.

 Saturn in Sagittarius

Saturn in Sagittarius
  • The message of Saturn in Sagittarius – A slave considers freedom as a task.
  • Saturn in Sagittarius seeks affirmation through grand causes that need achieving. There is a need present for mental discipline. However, the search for freedom and truth may be hindered by fears. They put up effort in learning to expand consciousness. So they do that  through philosophical dilemmas.  Seeking to precisely formulate their own ideals.  That provides stability and security. Based on experience they build a firm structure. Which enables adjustment in plans when unexpected circumstances occur. Only acceptance of change brings concrete results.
  • What to expect during Sagittarius season? This is a great season for travel and to understand other cultures and ways of life. We may learn many things from someone who lives in a different culture and apply those lessons to life at home.  This is also an important season for spiritual growth.    Sagittarius also loves philosophy.  So, You may find yourself yearning for a deeper understanding of what lies beyond your own home and community.
  • What to expect from Sagittarius? They are not a big fans of spins or embellishments when it comes to communications. Sagittarius people prefer the simple story. They crave a simple philosophy of life that helps them feel secure and stable. Sagittarius people prefer to work by their own rules. They don’t want to act until they have all the information they need. That  can limit them. On the negative side, they may be cynical, atheistic, selfishly ambitious and sarcastic. There is a need for everything to be proven before belief is possible.
  • Advice (If you are Sagittarius) – Learning to be easier on yourself for mistakes can be mind-opening and relieving. If you’ve never studied a different religion or philosophy, use Saturn’s influence to let that shape your inner world.

Saturn in Capricorn

capricorn zodiac
  • The message of Saturn in Capricorn – Firm character makes the master.
  • Saturn in Capricorn seeks to establish themselves through achieving ambition. Affirmation is acquired through social status and authority. There is a deep need for reliability and to depend on himself. Capricorn has a overstated need for everything being organized and planned.  They tend to control things. They defend their structure firmly and decisively. Capricorn people rely on hard work and cautious behavior. Success may be endangered by overinflated fears and worries.
  • What to expect during Capricorn  season? Capricorns is a career and goal-oriented people. So if there is a promotion you have been angling for, this is the season to strategize how to get it. Saturn is very comfortable in this sign . In truth, there can be strong desires for success lies deep inside us. The Saturn in Capricorn people often get upset with themselves for not taking the risk in life.
  • What to expect from Capricorn? They are ambitious  and have organizing ability. There is a tendency to take life very seriously. Duty and responsibility are very important to them. They may find it difficult to divide their energies between work and play. On the negative side, prestige and social standing may be extremely important to them.  They  will be tempted to do whatever they have to in order to acquire them. In other words, selfishness , a great love and desire for power can also be present. Others appreciate them  as a responsible and reasonable people.
  • Advice (If you are Capricorn) – Try to relax and play.  So, turn to your optimistic nature and let the day roll while watching for what can happen next.

 Saturn in Aquarius

aquarius zodiac
  • The message of Saturn in Aquarius – Accept knowledge cautiously, show maturity and wisdom to apply it, otherwise it is useless.  
  • Saturn in Aquarius achieves affirmation by controlling all social processes. In other words this season brings separation the useful from the redundant.  Aries is often too straightforward for their good. Obstacles may occur in attitude, which may seem strange and unusual for other people. They invest effort and discipline to cast away the harmful for intellectual growth and progress. They have a strong urge to defend their structure and ideas. The most important thing is to free themselves from fear of experimenting.  This also stands as an obstacle for moving forward. They may endanger their causes themselves, by being firm and crude.
  • What to expect during Aquarius season? Aquarius is the social justice warrior. In other words  Saturn’s influence can mobilize their efforts in humanitarian ways. You can see them doing nonprofit work or volunteering. It’s natural during this transit to thik how to fulfill their  life.  Aquarius is also the sign in the zodiac that is most concerned with technology. So they might be re-evaluating their  relationship with the machines. They want to know how to use them more productively.
  • What to expect from Aquarius? They possess practical common sense, self-discipline and inner sources of strength which provide stamina. Aquarius people have the ability to exercise system and tact in unusual and non- traditional ways. On the negative side they  can be opinionated, vindictive, cold and uncaring. They have  a tendency to get quite aggravated if their plans are met with opposition. Aquarius people  might also have some difficulties moving out of their comfort zone, particularly socially. They can feel mistrustful of groups, crowds, and networks or networking. These people  may avoid taking about  dreams or plans for the future. They prefer  not to count on something that hasn’t yet happened. Trusting their intuition takes a lot of time and effort.
  • Advice (If you are Aquarius) – You need to learn tolerance for other people and must develop forgiveness.

 Saturn in Pisces

pisces horoscope
  • The message of Saturn in Pisces – Throw a leaf and let the current carry it.
  • Saturn in Pisces have a problem to build a firm structure. They are vulnerable and often feel helpless and as a victim. It is important for them to learn to appreciate  their abilities. Pisces must  work on developing self-confidence too. Also,If they focus on research professions, they will build  security with ease. They have a fear of expressing emotions. It is  partly due to past events that present a burden. Pisces should use defense mechanisms less. So, They must  be more open and not stick to the material . They have problems establishing boundaries.  Pisces get lost in the mist and cannot see where they are. Someone else’s troubles help them overcome and accept their own suffering, although sorrow is always with them.
  • What to expect during Pisces season? Saturn and Pisces are not the most logical match. But Saturn can actually be very useful in the sign of the Pisces. Pisces are ephemeral, concerned with beauty, healing and psychic abilities. Saturn’s logical influence can help show them how to harness their more whimsical gifts into concrete habits. It can also be a good season to engage in deepening their spiritual practice. They may think about ways to incorporate art into their  life.
  • What to expect from Pisces? It may be difficult for them to set boundaries for themself and others. They are a practical idealist. Pisces have a tendency to take life perhaps too seriously. On the negative side they can be indecisive and moody. They also have a tendency to react emotionally to negative people. So, They can end up with more than the usual vague feelings of  guilt or fear of the unknown. Pisces may feel more comfortable offering tangible advice than emotional help. They care, but find it hard to let themselves  go on this level.
  • Advice (If you are Pisces) – This is a time to speak your mind and not beat around the bush..So, patience is not your strong suit. Though you are often quick to pick up the tab, it would help to remember that it is ok to let someone else take care of you, too.

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