Scorpio – apologizing by horoscope

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rp_sorry-300x201.pngSCORPIO – The Scorpio cannot be persuaded that he needs to apologize. You can only let them get to that conclusion themselves.

Scorpio woman

rp_scorpio-woman-300x300.jpgIf you have somehow managed to aggravate the female Scorpio, then it has got to be something serious in the matter. Yet, it could be the same old story about your pay or your inability to earn as enough as she considers that you are worthy of. Twist it or turn it is always just about one thing – money. If she loves you, she will apologize to you in bed as soon as she notices that your feelings are hurt. If she has lost interest in you and has already found a more interesting subject, the female Scorpio believes that she does not owe you an apology, but it is the other way around.

Scorpio man

Scorpio manIf he is in love, he suffers deeply knowing that he has offended you, aggravated you or hurt you in any way. That is the moment when you can manipulate as you wish the male Scorpio, the unteachable and skilled seducer who wins women over with an unbearable lightness. As much as he is practically skilled, he can be as resourceful on words; he will try to soften you in any way possible and try to make you accept his apology. He will give all  money, nerves or time to complete his goal, because he can control everything, even your anger.


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