Scorpio as a parent

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rp_scorpio-1-249x3001.jpgWe all think that our parents do not understand us. But are they really that bad, or it is just because of the stars? If you want to understand your parents or if you are a parent, read the following words.

fatherScorpio manScorpio as a Father
Scorpio father usually have a pretty stern appearance, and make a strict father. As children find it extremely tough to understand the affection of their father behind that hard exterior. The Scorpio father need to demonstrate love for his children. He will also be over concerned for his children which may also lead to restricting them, followed by an expectation of disciplined behavior. Scorpio father would be extremely concerned about bringing up children well and to take them towards the right future, but over-anxiety can make them limit their children too much, as a result the children may feel suffocated. The Scorpio father will have a strict demeanor in front of his children. It is difficult to him to express his emotions and would rather present a harsh personality and so his children may find it difficult to understand him. They have very high expectations from their children in everything. A Scorpio man is possessive, so a Scorpio father will act a little more protective towards his children. He can take care of them and can sense his child’s problems even if they do not disclose them. A Scorpio dad may expect disciplined behavior from his children and he will demand respect from his children for everyone. He can be their inspiration and they often admire him. He possesses a secretive personality keeping things to himself and needs to demonstrate some emotions to his children to be friendly. He may prove to be a great father for his kids. A child just needs to understand and be able to read the darker side of the Scorpio father.

mother 1Scorpio as a Mother
The Scorpio mother uses her love and the iron rod in the most effective manner to mold her children in the right direction. She can become very strict, but she is also the one who would enable her children to enjoy the outer world in all its beauty and magnificence. Scorpio might be the most doting mother and can be a bit of a control freak. She knows what selfless love means because that is what she gives to her children. She can be subjective and take on her kids side in an argument but it doesn’t mean she will tolerate their quarrelsome nature. The greatest thing about Scorpio mother is children can treat her as their confidant. Scorpios are great at keeping secrets. One of the greatest things parents can give their kids is to show them they respect their kids decisions no matter what age they are. The feeling gives great confidence to the kids and helps to make them grow up to be independent. They may dote on children but kids knows and feels they do that for their own good.
children1Scorpio as a Child
The Scorpio child is very reserved and silent. Scorpio child would obey their parents always and are a very obedient lot. In their adulthood, things could drastically take a reverse turn. Anger and harshness won’t work upon them. At all times, Scorpio children remain quite attached to their families. Scorpio is the most complex and misunderstood of all the signs. These children are deeply connected to spirit and can be prone to nightmares and report seeing other beings that you do not. They can experience intense fear around this and often need help understanding what they see. Parents need to help them understand their unique gifts which include strong intuition and psychic ability. Scorpio kids posses great intensity and strong feelings yet are very sensitive and easily hurt. School may be difficult at first if there is any teasing or a sense of being different. They are prone to hide their darker interests and to keep lots of secrets. Scorpio child is most comfortable in environments where his intensity doesn’t bother others, and his feelings are respected even if not understood.

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