Scorpio ascendant – compatibility with other signs

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Scorpion ascendant
astrology-25786528111People born under this influence  appeal origins from their mysterious nature and the controversy of their cool frontier and volcanic inner side. Their physique is exceptional if they do not over reach their boundaries. They often need to learn to slow down and think about their actions.
Scorpio ascendant– Aries sign
rp_scorpio-1-249x3001.jpgrp_ovan-2-253x300.jpgThese people are very dynamic and courageous, to the edge of insanity, even when love is in question. Because of their ascendant they  might be stubborn and jealous. They may even be possessive in love relationships, and marriage.
Scorpio ascendant – Taurus sign
rp_taurus21-224x3001.jpgrp_scorpio-1-249x300.jpgPeople born under the influence of these two signs  have a sense of erotic which is important to them. They are sensual and they know how to enjoy life, which makes them well accepted, especially as performers. They are friendly and very honest in any relationship they made.
Scorpio ascendant– Gemini sign
rp_scorpio-1-249x3001.jpgrp_gemini-3-287x300.jpgThey provoke at all times, it may come handy if they work as journalists. They are hardworking and their time needs to be eventful. They loves to talk and express their toughs. They need partners who will listen and admire them.
Scorpio ascendant- Cancer sign
cancer1rp_scorpio-1-249x300.jpgThis combination of horoscope signs gives people who  keep an excellent balance of intimacy and social action, generally of acting or not. They are to lucky for their own good, which makes a good acting material.
Scorpio ascendant– Leo sign
rp_scorpio-1-249x3001.jpgrp_LAV-224x300.jpgThey uphold their principles in any environment, their will is strong and they can be relied upon. Because of their ascendant they they must feel  respected. They love to give but they cant stand when people do not appreciate their acts. They love to love and need to feel loved.
Scorpio ascendant– Virgo sign
rp_virgo-2-255x300.jpgrp_scorpio-1-249x300.jpgThey are good detectives and analysts. people born under the influence of this signs are very shrewd and prolific, if they finish school they may be fine intellectuals. They are practical lovers, they do not get too emotional. They know how to control their feelings.
Scorpio ascendant– Libra sign
rp_scorpio-1-249x3001.jpgrp_Libra-2-237x300.jpgThis kind of people  appear refine and harmless, but they are focus on their goal, they are stable, secure in themselves, and they know their path. They are often very famous and successful. They are always surrounded bu friends an people.
Scorpio ascendant– Scorpio sign
rp_scorpio-1-249x3001.jpgrp_scorpio-1-249x3001.jpgThey have an excellent intuition. They are bold in presenting themselves, due to their knowledge of the world around them and their own personality, which they hide, and any glimpse of it is a surprise for their audience.
Scorpio ascendant– Sagittarius sign
rp_scorpio-1-249x3001.jpgsagittarius man 1This combination of horoscope signs gives people who have a developed imaginary world, and introspective powers. They are familiar with art and philosophy, they love to read and loves anything that is mysterious. Only their introvert behavior may leave them undefined. They are often strange for people around them until at the beginning.
Scorpio ascendant– Capricorn sign
rp_Capricorn-1-253x300.jpgrp_scorpio-1-249x300.jpgThis combination of signs gives people who may seem cold and irreproachable on the outside. They are consistent and endurable, which opens a lot of possibilities. They are loyal and trustworthy friends, and family oriented people. They are perfect for kids and family.
Scorpio ascendant– Aquarius sign
rp_scorpio-1-249x3001.jpgrp_aquarius-248x300.jpgPeople born under the influence of this ascendant unlike their principles, their behavior is eccentric and provoking. They have a chance for a good career, but their attitude is their worst enemy. They often learn from their mistakes and win their goals.
Scorpio ascendant– Pisces sign
rp_Pisces2-196x300.jpgrp_scorpio-1-249x300.jpgThese people  are calm and cool, deep and aware of others. They know how to touch the essence of things. Travels are a possibility, as well as staying abroad. They make good friends and great parents. They are very stable because of their main sign.


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