Scorpio Little secrest – how to deal with a Scorpio boss

Scorpio manrp_boss-1-300x2201-300x220.jpgMotto: Keep your temper, You’ll get used to it in time, everything will be just fine

 secret gScorpio boss philosophy is :Speak softly-but carry a big stick. This is the invisible motto of your Scorpio boss. Secret: Memorize it. I wouldn’t make a big issue out of discussing it with him. Just watch him practice it. Scorpio boss have a way of discouraging certain personal questions about their own techniques.
secret g-Life is a search for wisdom and power to your Scorpio boss. He wants to know all the secrets of life. He is equally intent on learning your secrets, and in seeking knowledge of what’s going on in your brain. He’ll never press you openly to bare your soul, but you’ll probably do it anyway. Secret: If you have anything on your mind you’d rather keep private, avoid looking into his eyes or avoid working for him. One good, long, steady gaze from ‘ his hypnotic eyes is enough to pull out the deepest confessions.
secret g– Scorpio boss is very intuitive, he can to sense your moods, and he’s the kind of man who will sympathetically behave according to those moods. He will know what is going on even if you do not say a word. Secret: he will always understand your problems, tell him if you feel bad, he will tell you to go home, but do not try to lie, he will know.
secret g-He’s indefatigable in whatever he sets out to do, and he prides himself on not letting people know how deeply he wants what he seeks. His competitor will never suspect how intensely he desire to conquer him .He can see into you, but no man can penetrate his deepest feelings. He hides his emotions and disguises his motives so that the enemy is forever expecting an attack from the rear-or no attack at all- and then being surprised by a sudden movement where it’s least expected. Secret: you are safe if he likes you. You must be honest with him. If he likes you, there’s no limit to what he’ll do to help you, or push your dreams to fulfillment, along with his.
secret g-He has an inner power an magic. His look is nice, charming, almost naive. By that time, you’ll be thoroughly hypnotized by his magnetic charm. He knows how to control your emotions. You’ll be blindly loyal to your, wonderful, kind, gentle, talented, brilliant employer, and anyone who thinks he is dangerous is a jealous, vindictive crackpot. He’s the sweetest boss anyone could ever hope . to have. Secret: If you’re about to embark on the adventure of working for a Scorpio executive, the first time you see him you’ll think the whole power thing is exaggerated.
secret g-One of his weaknesses is that he’s frequently suspicious of innocent remarks from innocent people. An occasional, sincerely meant recognition of his superiority will be appreciated deeply-just don’t overdo it. Secret: Don’t make the mistake of flattering him too often
-No problem ever invented is so tough that the Scorpio boss can’t solve it, once he tackles it. He is dedicated to business and the team. His loyalty to you will be lasting and all encompassing. Secret: Never allow financial matters to get hazy in any way, and never, never, never, never, never try to top him or hurt him because a revenge is not something to fool around with.

Originally posted 2020-01-19 17:52:14.


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