September significantly changes money and career – 5 zodiac signs will feel it the most

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September is the month of preparation for October’s Eclipse Corridor, which means we can feel the winds of change in our lives. Since the New Moon in Virgo on September 15/September is related to the theme of work, many people may experience global changes in their careers and even professions.

This is a serious claim to transform anyone’s life completely, but thanks to the September 15 New Moon in Virgo, we can prepare for significant changes.

The New Moon on September 15/September in Virgo will be related to your work team, your boss, and the team because this constellation is responsible for work astrologically. This means that whatever happens in September/September in your career will lead to powerful events in October/October and November/November.

Starting in August, Virgos become the main characters in the team – all eyes are on you. In September/September, you may be offered a new rank – the new moon will be in your sign so that you may get a new engagement or status in the company.

You can also change jobs because the Full Moon in Aries on September 29 occurs in your sector of crisis and transformation – you can go to a new company because you will be offered a big salary.

You will also decide to change your image and buy more business and quality things. Mercury retrograde in August could help you lose weight and return to a style relevant to you a few years ago.

You will realize after your physical change that it is also time to refresh your career.

Vital career changes for your sign are primarily related to a new salary situation. It will likely increase already on September 15 due to the growth of your activity – you can start teaching other people, or thanks to new training, you will successfully raise the price of your services.

It is also likely that you may have a leader at work who will “pull” you up a notch. Patronage will help you achieve great heights and financial growth.

Full Moon 29.9. in Aries is happening in your education sector – you can get a certificate or a diploma, or you will have a teacher who will influence your professional development until 2025.

Being with that person (or through training) will expand your career and change your outlook on life in a more prosperous and financially successful direction.

The New Moon on September 15/September is in your career and status sector – you may have a new boss or become a leader and get a new position.

If you have been unemployed for a long time, your conversations will bear fruit in September – you will be offered a quality job with a good office and a comfortable schedule.

You will also work on relations with management in September/September. You probably have two hosts now and might tire of adjusting to each one.

This issue will likely be resolved in mid-September/September. And until 29.9. you can take the first step in starting your own business.

The month promises to be the most important in terms of work – the New Moon on September 15/September will bring you a new office, team, or good employee.

In general, management has a growing need for your activities – feel free to ask for a raise!

Already on 29.9. there will be a full moon in Aries, and you will get a title, status and gain popularity in your team.

In general, the Universe is favorable to the growth of your authority and income – do not hesitate to ask for a higher salary, an office, and assistants.

Thanks to successful negotiations in September/September, you can get good training and progress in some skills. The New Moon on September 15/September in Virgo can bring you new education, a master class, and advanced training – all this is not accidental and moves you towards significant progress.

By the way, in September/September you can buy some equipment for work, which will eventually increase your income.

The Full Moon in Aries on September 29 will bring you a meeting – an event that will happen in your career sector; you definitely cannot escape it.

They could make you the boss, give you a new status – it will be a great success! Also, you can change the direction vector and give up, but don’t worry – the Universe is on your side and a big victory awaits you soon.


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