Seventh House

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Seventh House

Seventh House Characteristics:

Modern Title: House of Partnerships
Latin Motto: Uxor – Spouse
Quality: Cardinal
Ruling Sign: Libra
Ruling Planet: Venus
Keywords: Close, Confidante, Marriage, Agreements and Treaties

The Seventh House is also called the House of Partnership and it is the House which focuses upon the subject’s partner as opposed to the subject itself. By cooperating or relating oneself to another, the human being is able to achieve a greater purpose. Of particular importance to the Seventh House is the sense of purpose, which can be defined as the process of carrying out a particular task, no matter how big or small, for the benefit of the self, its partner and perhaps even society as a whole. The Seventh House reveals that by uniting with others, we become a more important part of the world. Therefore, the Seventh House is essentially about establishing cooperation and partnerships for carrying out one’s purpose in life.

By establishing stronger partnerships, we are able to expand our own essential being. We begin seeing ourselves within a particular context and we become more whole as a result. In other words, our partners serve to make us whole. From the perspective of the Seventh House, how we relate to our partner is one of the most important factors which define our own success, not only as human beings, but also as members of humanity.

The Seventh House is also a diverse House in the sense that partnerships take on many forms. Marriage, business contracts, diplomatic protocols, legalities, negotiations and even simple agreements on where to meet for lunch are all examples of partnerships. So regardless of the relationships involved, we should also remember that all kinds of of partnerships are special forms of cooperation. How we relate to each other is the very essence of the Seventh House. Different people form relationships for different reasons. Some people simply want company, while others are compelled by necessity. The Seventh House compels us to understand the nature of our partnerships in order to make them fuller and more special for everyone involved.

Tensions that may exist within a particular partnership also serves to teach us certain lessons. So in a sense, the Seventh House can also help us understand the darker sides of our relationships. Seemingly good relationships can easily turn into divorce, lawsuits and other forms of conflict. In a worst case scenario, partnerships may even create lifelong enemies, and on a wider scale, it can even lead to war. How we react to these problems and their roots will help shape our future relationships and partnerships.

The Seventh House is aligned with Libra and the planet Venus.

Originally posted 2020-05-04 10:32:30.

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