Shocking, but true – how will he tell you “I love you” or not…

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I love you, the most beautiful melody for the heart; I love you with my morning coffee; I love you when you wake up; I love you in other ways, while I’m buying you shampoo; I love you even when you’re not with me, I love you even when you’re angry, I don’t and I….my heart loves you.


If you wait and wait for this Aries to say the words “I love you” to you, you will be waiting. He will weigh every moment favorable for him to say such a thing. But when you hear those magical words as the most beautiful melody for your ears, you will know that they are sincere.


Optimists like Taurus quickly say words and then forget. When a Taurus guy says, “I love you,” take it with a grain of salt, don’t hope he means it. True, they love honesty, but on the other hand, they have a loving nature, and they fall in love every few days.


Everyone says Geminis are distrustful and capricious, but that’s not the case. When a Gemini falls in love and loves, he will say it. Of course, it will take time for him, but “I love you” will come from his mouth at the right moment when you have already started to wonder if…


When a Cancer says he loves, he means it. So, of course, you will be the happiest when you hear that. But there is also a background to those words. For example, cancer first got to know your property and financial situation and only then said the magic words.


Leos always use their words effectively. When they kiss, kiss, the words “I love you” come from the depths of their hearts and in a unique way. Don’t be surprised if he surprises you by playing the violin in your ear while declaring his love, but that’s a Leo, ready to love.


This safe sign will also go safe in this case. When he arranges the dice in his head and realizes it is love, you, too, will hear that melody “I love you” in a unique way. It is essential to know that these words have significant meanings and are not said just like that, to say because it is in order.


Scales coated with all kinds of fat that know how to manipulate hearts; when they say “I love you,” remember, they mean it. But, with them, there is always a but. So, if you want to hear those words often, try to make Libra interested in you because Libras have a loving nature and cannot do without flirting, so they also leave very quickly if they are bored.


You will surely be shocked when you hear magic words from Scorpio. You will think you are dreaming or watching a soap opera. You’ll wonder if he doesn’t have a concussion or didn’t accidentally drink too much. But, when they say that, know that you’ve knocked them off their feet. That you are a particular person in the heart of that Scorpio.


Sagittarius, one of the unfaithful signs, is not so easy on the trigger of his tongue when it comes to these problematic words for him. So they will carefully study who you hang out with, monitor your clothing style, and how much you eat, and only then give you the password to your heart with a whisper in your ear, “I love you.”


They say they are cold; they have a mask, icebergs, and even hot coffee in the morning can hardly de-ice them. But everyone is wrong; these sensitive Capricorns want to feel the butterflies in their stomachs. And when they feel them, and in their specific way, they tell you that they love you in a severe tone, it means that you have melted the ice and expect a river of tears of joy that will flow with these words.


For Aquarius to hear a compliment or the melody of the heart, “I love you,” get all possible tools to get it out of them. If you even ask them, “does he love you”… you will get the answer.. “well, don’t you know.” They don’t say those words, but that’s why their actions speak louder than words. So with them, they will use actions to say “I love you.” Don’t take it as a bad thing because their actions are every day.


Pisces love to say “I love you,” even without any reason. They also want them to hear it, to ring in their ears whenever you arrive. Interestingly, at first, your heart will be happy to listen to it, but with time you will realize these are just empty words because Pisces is unpredictable. Easily and very quickly, you can hear that he doesn’t love you anymore.


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