Sixth House

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Sixth House

Sixth House Characteristics:

Modern Title: House of Health
Latin Motto: ValetudoHealth
Quality: Mutable
Ruling Sign: Virgo
Ruling Planet: Mercury
Keywords: Tasks, Duties. Skills, Training,Jobs and Employments. Health, Pets

The Sixth House is also known as the House of Health. Implicit in the act of staying healthy is the challenge of coping with adversity, and this is one of the most important themes of the House of Health. All human beings have their flaws, and the issue that all of us have to face is how we can deal with such shortcomings. These questions are particularly important in the event of a personal crisis, like illness, accidents or sudden loss of property. How we confront such problems will ultimately help us cope with who we are as human beings.

Even though our fears hold us back, we still have the choice of meeting them head on, and when we do, we become stronger. Hardship puts things into perspective, and imparts a certain type of wisdom. Work and service are essential aspects of the Sixth House. The focus is on employment, training, service and helping those who depend on us. Remaining strong as we undertake these efforts is important here as well, which is one of the reasons why this particular house is so focused on health, hygiene, fitness and well being.

What’s essential to the work we perform in life is the type of work that we carry out personally. Responsibility as well as personal growth are important in the growth of a human being. There will be many times where a crises of health, wealth or faith will prevent us from being our best self. During those times, it’s important that we heal ourselves, so that we can become whole once more.

Aside from its strong focus on altruism and health, the Sixth House also focuses on daily issues, such as wearing a particular attire, feeding the dog or combing your hair to the left or right side. These minor and seemingly inconsequential decisions help us do more important work, and the same is true in being a service to others. It helps us become who we are.

The Sixth House is aligned with Virgo and the planet Mercury.

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