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sportrp_fire1-206x3001-206x3001-206x3001-206x300.pngIf you are a Fire sign, read carefully following words and find out in which sport you can be the best or what you must do to be healthy and strong.

ARIES, must get on their feet

ariessbikeThe Aries is very dynamic and full of energy which he has to let out, they simply despise resting, which of course, has effect on their health. You need more sleep, less coffee, and definitely you should forget about cigarettes; no matter how certain you are that your organism can endure anything. Your favorite sports are cycling, tennis and football although you enjoy rally races. Your hart starts racing at the very thought of rafting or bungee jumping, but take care of your weak spot, your head.

LEO, always tip top

rp_leo1-286x300.jpgtenisTennis is a sport that you mostly practice with joy, and your second picks are usually swimming or aerobic. You will try any sport that offers a chance for you to show your physical beauty. You have a lot of energy and you yearn for excitement and applause, so you are drawn to car races, you would try the Camel Trophy, but you are confronted with the fact that you will not always be able to be the best. It would be desirable to do exercises for the spine, which is your weak spot. Cycling presents a great workout for you.

SAGITTARIUS ,less reading more walking

sagittariusssrh581-1961The best sports for you to partake at are horse riding or tennis, whether you play it or watch it on the court or on TV. The younger Sagittarius is eager to work out, but the years make him lazier. Not having enough activity can literally make you ill, so speed walking is just made for you. You also prefer fencing and all athletic disciplines.

Originally posted 2020-03-02 08:24:55.

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