Starpoint of Venus on August 13 – a vital energy that awakens us again

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On August 13, 2023, retrograde Venus and the Sun will align, creating what is known as the Venus Star Point.

The conjunction of the Sun and Venus indicates the rebirth of Venus’s energy and its gradual transition from an evening star to a morning star.

Under this energy, our hearts can also experience rebirth. We might feel the healing of old wounds we thought would always be there. We can feel ourselves opening up to greater love or releasing blockages that prevent us from feeling genuine love. The conjunction of the Sun and Venus can also clarify any questions that have arisen since Venus went retrograde.

This year the star point of Venus will take place in the sign of Leo. Leo is the ruler of the heart, which means that we are likely to feel a strong activation of heart-oriented energies at this time.

The beauty of our inner and outer world
Venus creates a perfect five-petalled star or rose every eight years as it orbits the Sun. This perfect geometric shape is a reminder of the beauty and order found in the Universe.

To create the petals, Venus turns into the morning star. This transit is marked by the alignment of Venus with the Sun, known as the star point of Venus. As Venus and the Sun unite, Venus transforms from a morning star to an evening star. Venus then moves retrograde, aligning with the Sun again to become the morning star. The cycle is then repeated.

Venus in the evening sky is said to help activate feelings of self-love and to bring beauty to our inner world. The morning star Venus is thought to help us create partnerships, connections with others and bring beauty to our outer world.


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