Summer 2023 horoscope – Sagittarius will find themselves in the center of adventure and romance

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Summer of 2023 horoscope is right in front of you – Sagittarius will find themselves in the center of adventure and romance


ARIES – Summer of 2023 horoscope 

Last month required a home improvement. Now that you’ve cleared your desk and kitchen, you can start having fun! Venus joins Mars in Leo on June 5, in your fifth house of creative expression and pleasure. Later in the summer, a retrograde in this area will force you to question and reflect. But still needs to. Embrace the June 4th Sagittarius Full Moon in your ninth house of expanding horizons as your first wild night. Then the New Moon in Gemini on June 18 invites you to plan the parties and projects you want to accomplish this summer. You have a lot of opportunities to have a good time.

TAURUS – Summer of 2023 horoscope 

Much has been said about your spectacular summer (and year) ahead now that Jupiter has entered your sign. And indeed, with the planet of expansion hitting the North Node on June 1, you’re officially off to the races. But with Jupiter and Uranus in your first house, the liberating charge of summer can feel overwhelming, sending you into hyperstimulation. With Venus and Mars in Leo, your fourth home house, it’s best to put down roots, find your quiet place under the Sun and not run around. Simplify your life so opportunities find you easily.

GEMINI – Summer of 2023 horoscope 

On June 11, Mercury joins the Sun in Gemini, doubling your clarity and awareness. We know that Gemini season shines a light on all your talents and makes you go wild, expressing yourself differently daily. The question you face is this: How does the present moment differ from the bigger picture? Do obligations and expectations prevent you from living in the moment, or are you too scattered? Fortunately, you are no stranger to duality, to keep the moment and the great mosaic of life in balance.

CANCER – Summer of 2023 horoscope 

On June 5, Venus joins Mars and Lilith in Leo, your second house of earnings and self-esteem. The Sun enters Cancer on June 21, bringing clarity and confidence. Then, on the 22nd, asteroid Juno, also known as Hera, Queen of Olympus, enters your home sign, followed by Mercury on June 26. Now is the time for considerable demands, risks, and refusal to compromise. You enter all projects and relationships strongly, with a sense of power.

LEO – Summer of 2023 horoscope 

Venus joins Mars (and Lilith) in your sign on June 5, kicking off a whirlwind and busy summer. You have to go out, perform, present yourself. Of course, the threat to any Leo-dominant birth chart is short-sightedness: sometimes, you make impulsive decisions and don’t consider other options. As Venus and Mars cruise through your first house of identity, they will square Jupiter (expansion) and Uranus (liberation) in Taurus, your 10th house of career. Every problem or conflict in the career field is an invitation, an opportunity to think about a higher, better vision for yourself.

VIRGO – Summer of 2023 horoscope 

With Mercury entering Gemini on June 11 and the New Moon in Gemini on June 18, focus on your 10th house of career and big ambitions. Growth continues. Your progress in your career should make you reevaluate the state of your relationships – collaborations, romantic partnerships, and travel. Who do you want to spend this summer with? Who is choking you? This journey could take you into the underworld of consciousness, forcing you to face truths about what you want and what shadows appear in your relationships with others.

LIBRA – Summer of 2023 horoscope 

As Cancer season begins on June 21, lighting up your 10th house of career fame, asteroid Ceres enters your sign. With the great goddess in your character, you are challenged to cultivate balance: public and private, giving and receiving, introverted and extroverted. You’re exposed, adored, and loving with Venus and Mars in Leo, in your 11th house of the audience, and activating Cancer. Which roles make you uncomfortable, and where do you draw the line? That’s the central question they ask you this summer.

SCORPIO – Summer of 2023 horoscope  

On June 5, Venus joins Mars (and Lilith) in Leo, your 10th house of career and fame. Fully live your mission, plan, and achievements; you feel ready to take the stage and emerge into the spotlight. As Venus and Mars cruise through your career field, they square Jupiter (expansion) and Uranus (change) in Taurus, your seventh house of visibility. New friends, lovers, and colleagues come into your life. Let these changes also broaden your perspective on what is possible in your career.

SAGITTARIUS – Summer of 2023 horoscope 

It’s a great time for adventure, starting with the Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 3. With Venus and Mars in Leo, your ninth house of travel and expanding horizons, you’ll be at your best when you travel. Gemini season activates your seventh house of relationships. When you travel, take your closest circle of people with you. With Saturn in Pisces from 2023 to 2025, your ideas about home and community are significantly transforming. This summer, you will understand what relationships you want to fill your life with.

CAPRICORN – Summer of 2023 horoscope 

June pushes every button in your romance, relationships, and physicality field. On June 5, Venus joins Mars and Lilith in Leo, your eighth house of sexuality and shadow play. The New Moon in Gemini opens new doors in your sixth house of body and boundaries. The arrival of Cancer season, June 21, triggers your seventh house of relationships. After a long reflection and internal renewal, it is time to collect data in the field. This is just the beginning of a wild transformation.

AQUARIUS – Summer of 2023 horoscope 

Miracles, adventures, and trials await you in your relationships this summer. We know that starting in July, the fateful Venus retrograde in Leo will shake up your seventh house of relationships, but before the show begins, you need to assemble your cast of characters. The Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 3 illuminates your 11th house of public life. Next, the New Moon in Gemini inspires new beginnings in your fifth house of pleasure and romance. Can you bring new people into your life while respecting all the ways you’ve changed without putting yourself at risk?

PISCES – Summer of 2023 horoscope 

On June 17, Saturn begins its long retrograde in your sign, resuming its direct course only in November. You’ve made explosive progress over the past few months and now have time to integrate everything you’ve learned. Fortunately, you can take a break from intense emotions and questions with Venus and Mars now in Leo, your fifth house of pleasure, romance, and fun. Go on a date with someone you like, go out with friends, and have a good time. Do whatever makes you happy!


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