The Sun in Fire signs

Astrological characteristics of the Sun:sun
Characteristics: fire, fixed sign
Essential dignity: in Leo
Exile: in Aquarius
Exaltation: in Aries
Fall: in Libra
The Sun is the most important celestial body in astrology. It determines the Zodiac type which is specified through the analysis of numerous indicators. Stating that someone is born in the sign of Aries means that he is born at the time of Sun passing through the sign of Aries as observed from Earth. The Sun is a male planet and is related to the manly instinctive. It symbolizes radiation, vitality, outdoor life, a father, a boss, a husband, success, fame, power.

aries man 1The Sun in Aries

A person born at the time of Sun’s passing through Aries possesses the pioneer and exploration spirit. They are constantly discovering new and uncharted territories and they are natural born adventurists. They love to be dominant; they are courageous, strong, energetic and bold. On the other hand, it is possible that they can express aggressive behavior and act rudely, even sadistic when the Sun is in unfavorable aspect. The young spirit enables the Aries to progress on all fields, physical, intellectual and emotional. There is a certain paradox in their character, the Aries is dominant, but he despises tyranny, he knows how to show respect.

Leo man dodatoThe Sun in Leo
Being that the Sun is in Leo in his dignity, a person born in this sign has all the qualities of the Sun. They are characterized strength, triumphal pride, ambition, aspiration towards perfection and the absolute, but also arrogance, and exaggerated hubris. The Leo is aware of his virtues, loyalty, nobility, incapability for betrayal, while on the other hand he is not able to be discreet. He expects admiration all around, otherwise he will become obnoxious. They are natural born leaders, they do not accept subordinate positions and they are willing to give every last atom of their strength to rise up to the positions on the top.

rp_sagittarius-man-1-300x288.jpgThe Sun in Sagittarius
The Sagittarius is an individualist, in love with adventure and wide spaces. He has a tendency for arrogance, does not accept suggestions and advices by any cost. They are not consumed by gaining material goods, they have an adventurous spirit and they are often professionally successful. The dominant planet is Jupiter, which offers charm to dream of, which makes seduction a child’s game for them. The Sagittarius rarely denounces his freedom and rarely fully connects to only one partner.


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