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SUN – JUPITER ASPECTS  in the natal chart indicates the relationship between the Self and the expansion of life. They are contacts of great importance for adding euphoria to life. They are also good for social skills. Jupiter is traditionally associated with money and material well-being. Natal Sun-Jupiter aspects represent your capacity to take advantage of such resources. The Sun symbolizes a personal identity. Above all, it shows us areas where we should learn to be independent. Jupiter symbolizes growth, expansion, faith, and ethics. It represents a sense of development and support, which can lead to opportunities, wealth, and faith. If Jupiter is damaged, the person becomes immoral and extremist. These aspects are important for natal chart interpretation. See also the interpretations for Sun in the Houses and Jupiter in the Houses to see what specific parts of your life this aspect will take place in.Natal Sun -Jupiter aspects


Statement that represents the Sun and Jupiter aspects : Expanding Horizons

Traditionally any major Sun-Jupiter aspects (conjunction, sextile, square, trine, opposition), was an indicator that your father would have a long life. It is also believed that if the major Sun-Jupiter aspect was found in a woman’s chart, it would give her a husband who is good, benevolent, and honorable. Below is the natal Sun-Jupiter aspects interpretation.

Sun conjunct Jupiternatal chart

  • Typical features that this conjunction brings  – aspect indicates a fusion between the Ego and euphoria. Sun conjunct Jupiter gives a larger-than-life personality. It makes you an outgoing, optimistic, generous, and very lucky person. Many times it seems like you have a guardian angel who sweeps in and saves your behinds. Also, you have a cheerful outlook and are quite resourceful. You are able to win over others. A conjunction can make you be somewhat paternalistic and devoted to giving advice. Also, there is a tendency to be complacent in hedonism, indulging in pleasures of good food and entertainment, and being overly talkative. You are also a proud person with great confidence. This regal quality gives you a commanding presence. A conjunction is an optimal influence on material goods and money management. But it is necessary to carefully consider the sign and the house occupied. For example, in Virgo, Jupiter can be stingy with its blessings. In Libra, you may give away too much. It often causes vanity but these people are simply aware of their success.
  • Positive traits: You are optimistic and dynamic. Also, you have an exuberant attitude towards the natural environment. That is often accompanied by good fortune. A love of learning and long-distance travel makes you liberal, broad-minded, and wise.
  • Negative traits: Your confidence can get you into some trouble. There is also over-indulgence in food or drink, gambling, shopping. That is because you can be procrastinators and put too much faith in life “fixing” things on their own. Although largely positive and optimistic, you are not immune to depression. Your downs can be dramatic, simply because you are unprepared for these times.

Sun opposition Jupitersun jupiter aspects

  • Typical features that this opposition brings: this Sun – Jupiter aspects emphasizes the dangers suggested by the Sun-Jupiter square.  That is because there is a conflict between the optimistic expansion and the development of the Self (Sun). It can lead to forms of immaturity and childish behavior. Or, it can lead you to compensate with obsessive behavior that sometimes leads to strictness or a lack of self-control. As Jupiter is usually associated with money, both the square and the opposition can indicate difficulties in finances. Sun opposition Jupiter puts the brakes on good humor. But, all this may be eased by positive aspects. This aspect makes you idealistic and this is the reason why you often support various dubious movements and clubs. You are often willing to make great sacrifices. Also, you are overly optimistic,  like to travel and you do not like commitment. Sun opposite Jupiter brings out the extremes of Jupiter in life and personality. There may be an internal struggle to control Jupiter’s expansive nature. It can show as an inflated ego, over-exuberance, and excesses in pleasure-seeking. Also, you can make promises, but have a problem with follow-through. Self-control can be a real problem for you. Usually quite knowledgeable and generous with your time, you have many talents that you may take for granted.
  • Positive trades: Once the integration is found, then generosity, optimism, good cheer, and prosperity become strong points. Also, popularity and even fame can result. The energy can often be best expressed through philosophy, religion, and spirituality. You love to travel, study, and involvement in social causes.
  •  Negative trades: Ups and downs in life are possible regarding wealth, happiness, and relationships. During these growing pains, it may be difficult for you to remain happy and content. You may feel unfulfilled and even unlucky.

Sun square Jupiternatal chart

  • Typical features that this square brings – Your intentions are generally good, but you are given to overdo things. You can easily gloss over realistic details and get into debt or  overindulge in pleasures . Also you can promise more than you can deliver. This Sun – Jupiter aspects indicates a blockage between optimism in life and the maturity of the Self. Often, you  find help for your excesses. People around you of believe that your heart is in the right place. You are generous, helpful and charitable. Another thing to watch for is depression. You tend to go through periods of intense highs when you are excessively optimistic. These periods are so marked that they seem to be unnatural and a fall seems to be expected. You are very fortunate but also have to make your own luck. You may also have a tendency to accumulate possessions such as collections of a special thing, coins and figurines. Excessive behaviors are most problematic. And that often affect your close relationships. Overconfidence can get in the way of making lasting friendships. Jupiter is testing your ego. Any arrogance or boastfulness may actually be covering for a wounded ego or a lack of self-confidence.
  • Positive trades: This aspect creates people who are idealistic. This is the reason why you often support various dubious movements and clubs. This Sun- Jupiter aspects gives great opportunities for success but also some tests of character.
  • Negative trades: there is the danger that you will not learn from your mistakes and abuse the “system”, relying on yor friends and family to help you out a little too often. The Sun square Jupiter can lead to hypochondria, a low desire to live, or a continuous struggle to overcome imaginary conflicts.

Sun sextile Jupitersun jupiter aspects

  • Typical features that this sextile brings –  You are endowed with generosity and friendliness. Above all, you appear to be lucky in life. You attract good things with a positive frame of mind and a charitable disposition. This natal Sun – Jupiter aspects are harmonious. So you are often helpful, and well-informed. You enjoy travel and have a special affection for foreign places. Also, you are generally not very competitive and not combative either. As a result, you are usually well-liked and lovable. You don’t have a lot of patience with those who break the rules. That is because you generally believe in order. It is your enthusiasm and self-belief that turn opportunity into success. Your confidence and strong faith make it easy for you to gain support from others. You see challenges as opportunities and they motivate you to succeed. This natal Sun –Jupiter aspects makes you a philosophical person with wide knowledge.  In other words, you are interested in politics, religion, spirituality, travel, and education. You work well in groups.  And you would find satisfaction in becoming involved in your community. You love being involved in the community through social welfare or championing some moral or ethical issues. The Sun sextile Jupiter has the same influences as the trine but is slightly mitigated.
  • Positive trades: You are usually good-hearted with strong morals and much faith in life and in people. Above all, you prefer to find good in situations and in other people. Sun sextile Jupiter in your natal chart makes you a very fortunate person. You can lift the spirits of those around you and make them happy.
  • Negative trades: This aspect does not prevent hardship and disappointment, but it does help you overcome setbacks.

Sun Trine Jupiternatal chart

  • Typical features that this trine brings:  This is one of the best aspects. The natal Sun – Jupiter trine aspects get the best of the influences of the Sun-Jupiter.  It often softens the risks of a euphoric-hedonistic overload. This aspect makes you lucky, generous, exuberant, enthusiastic, and happy. You are a genuinely good person. That is the reason that you enjoy harmonious relationships with everyone. Also, you are always happy and satisfied with what you have. You will probably be very comfortable and have more than you need. You could be very wealthy if you want. Above all, you may think you are on a spiritual mission. In other words, you would make an inspiring teacher or guru. On the other hand, you have a tendency toward excess and love to indulge. You can also be too generous for your own good.  But you generally get away with taking risks, showing off, and embarrassing yourself. People simply like you.  Other people around you will often offer you help and always be forgiving.
  • Positive trades: This harmonious aspect creates confident and optimistic people. So, you like to travel and you love adventure. Also, you like studying and gaining new experiences.
  •  Negative trades: These most fortunate of aspects can make your life so easy that you become passive.  And you may not learn how to struggle and fight for things you want. Without other challenging aspects in your chart, you could become lazy and feel helpless in times of hardship. 

MINOR ASPECTSsun - jupiter aspects

Sun semisextile Jupiter

You are frequently in the position to adjust your path. That is  because your ideals and goals are at odds with what you actually can do realistically. Also, you may find that you are in “no-win” situations. Your challenge is to focus on one path instead of changing plans. So, you must get in touch with what you are truly capable of doing in realistic terms. You are more resilient than many people. Also, you feel protected, as you are never truly down. Periodically good opportunities come to you and assist you on your life path. These “lucky breaks” are not frequent. But they are very helpful. You are able to distinguish the real opportunities from the unrealistic ones. Also, you are not as fixed or stubborn as many people.  True inner satisfaction comes not from constantly adapting, but from realizing your conflicting desires and finding ways to satisfy them constructively.

Sun semi-square Jupiter

Self-control is something you struggle with. You tend to fix things later rather than solve problems now. It can lead you to over-indulgence, overspending, and ignoring some important details of daily life. You choose to take the easiest way towards achieving your goals. So, moderation is something that you should strive for. It should be noted that this is not an easy thing for you to master. This natal Sun – Jupiter aspects indicate that your path in life is fun. But, success is jagged, even intermittent, until reason brings you understanding. Keep your goals prioritized so you don’t get in your own way, caught in a clutter of confusion. Trouble emerges if you are not able to get closure quickly enough on the things you aim toward.

Sun quintile Jupiter

Above all, you are brilliant at solving problems and creating an order. Particularly, you like solving problems on an intellectual level. So, you might be a teacher or counselor. Other people often come to you for advice. People see you as a wise man who possesses unique insight into life. Your views are generally broad. You possess a certain elegance or style that others find intriguing or attractive. Also, you work very hard to achieve your goals. You wish to be seen as an intellectual or a person with high moral standards.

Sun parallel Jupiter

If you have Sun parallel Jupiter in your natal chart, you are always ready to laugh.  You wear a smile on your face much of the time. Also, your attitude is cheerful and quite hopeful. You thrive on recognition and positive feedback. And you avoid overly serious situations as much as you can. Your positive expectations help you gain many rewards in life. Over-expanse gets you into trouble. You have cheerful and optimistic spirit. It assists you in bringing any project to a finish. The ability to create more of whatever you have may become problematic. Your mental attitude holds the key to your actions, just as your values hold the key to the way your mental life unfolds.




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