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Your Mandala Spread

This Tarot reading is used for exploring spiritual side of self. YOu can ask question or explore your overall spiritual status. For Free tarot mandala reading breathe deeply for 5 minutes, clear your thoughts
Scroll down for your interpretation. Click on individual cards to see a larger representation.

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Your Self Overall

besplatni tarot 1

Three of Pentacles

Material fortunes grow. Crafts or arts are mastered.

Your Ambitions, Desires and Primal Urges

besplatni tarot 2
The Chariot Reversed

Decadence, failing health and need for change.

Your Ideals, Goals, Path to Spiritual Contentment

besplatni tarot 3
Queen of Swords

Often mournful from loss or infertility. Quick witted, gracious and kind but firm.

Your Real Accomplishments and True Path

besplatni tarot 4
Two of Wands

New ventures will require courage and logic. Influence over others grows. Kindness and altruism pay off.

Your Dependencies, Addictions and Erroneous Values

besplatni tarot 5
Ten of Swords

Goals may be unmet. Plans are in jeopardy. Sorrow may be felt deeply. Be kind to those in need.

Your Strengths and Positive Personality Traits

besplatni tarot 6
The Queen of Wands Reversed

Vengence and domination, possibly unfaithfulness and deceit.

Your Faults and Weaknesses

besplatni tarot 7
The Hanged Man

Spiritually wise and prophetic, the conquest of the worldly.

Your Self Awareness and Self-Image

besplatni tarot 8
Two of Cups Reversed

Folly, misunderstanding and false love are possible.

Your Desires, and Higher Purpose

besplatni tarot 9
The Devil

This card represents the dark forces in the world, misuse of power, depression and addiction to the material world.

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