Free Planetary Tarot Reading

Your Planetary Spread

In this free Tarot reading you can get insights in meny different aspects of your life. It is connected with planets and stars and it can be used for questions about love, money, health etc.
Scroll down for your interpretation. Click on individual cards to see a larger representation.

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Your Self Overall

besplatni tarot 1

Ten of Pentacles

Riches either made or inherited may be yours. Attention to family matters may be needed.

Matters Concerning Your Home (The Moon Card)

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The Six of Wands Reversed

Success may be delayed. Be wary of accomplished enemies.

Matters Concerning Business, Skills and Integrity (The Card of Mercury)

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Four of Cups Reversed

Awakening from a sedate period. New relationships, goals and ventures are possible.

Matters Concerning Love (The Card of Venus)

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Eight of Pentacles Reversed

Possible failure. Vanity and underhandedness must be watched for. Skills may be misused.

Matters Concerning Hostility, Opposition and Aggression (The Card of Mars)

besplatni tarot 5
Ten of Wands

Strength and power may be misused. Heartache is possible. Persistence will eventually solve all problems.

Matters of Finance, Acquisition and Wealth (The Card of Jupiter)

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Nine of Pentacles

Material wealth enjoyed alone. Knowledge of the workings of those things in your best interest. Love of home and garden.

Matters of the Intellect (The Card of Saturn)

besplatni tarot 7
Queen of Cups

Success and happiness are attainable in all their forms. Visions and dreams are realized. Honesty, devotion and loyalty are enjoyed.

The Outcome

besplatni tarot 8
The Tower Reversed

The attainment of physical and spiritual freedom at great cost.

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