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rp_sorry-300x201.pngTAURUS – Pick your battles with a Taurus. If you choose wisely, you will get rewarded whenever a Taurus has done something to wrong you.

Taurus woman
bykAlthough considered being an open and a straightforward practical person, female Taurus will have a hard time admitting that she minds her neighbor having a richer husband, a more beautiful house or a more expensive car. At times when you get fed up with that kind of behavior she will just shrug her shoulders and look at you forgiving with her warm big eyes simultaneously offering freshly baked cookies. She will tolerate spending your evenings out clubbing, but she will never forgive your incompetence for providing enough (˝enough˝ being more than your neighbor makes).

Taurus man

Taurus man1The male Taurus is not easily aggravated, but apologizing does not go along with his personality either. Him being always right, what should he even apologize for, apart from him being extremely tolerant and patient, which actions of his could even make you angry? He does not even comprehend why you should be angry, when he has provided all those things for you, things other women could just dream of. Being that he must always have the last word, it is difficult for the male Taurus to understand that there exactly the problem lies. If he understands that, he will try to materialize the expressions of his apology with kisses, hugs, tasty bites and of course, money.

Originally posted 2020-03-10 11:00:16.

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