Taurus as parents

We all think that our parents do not understand us. But are they really that bad, or it is just because of the stars? If you want to understand your parents or if you are a parent, read the following words.

Taurus man1fatherTaurus as a Father
The Taurus father can be altogether too conservative in his approach to bringing up his children. He is very traditional man and he has a strong set of orthodox values that he would love to inculcate into his children. He wants to be a role model for his children and he expect from them to follow in his footsteps, even to the extent to choosing the same profession as his. This can make him come through to his children as being too imposing and they may feel cramped for space. His children often have a conflict with him because he is trying to impose to them his wishes. The good news is that he is not stubborn and he always listens his children and accept their needs. However, he always means well and provides all the comforts and facilities for his children to bloom.

mother 1bykTaurus as a Mother
The Taurus mother, is very possessive about her children, and goes to great extents to impose her moral values on them. She is often exaggerating in the imposition of patriarchal values. She cannot understand that her children are often nervous jus because she is rigid. She is creative and imaginative, and loves to see her children getting involved in creative pursuits of their own, in which she will lend unconditional support. She is very concerned about making her children good human beings, and constantly worries about their future.

children1Taurus as a Child
The Taurus kids are often too unruly. They rarely ever tidy up their rooms, and tend to neglect even the simple things like washing their hands and face. They are prone to being very lazy, they are waiting for parents to do their work, and on holidays can stay in bed until noon. They are very stubborn sometimes but they are obedient most of the time, and they do not rebel against their parents’ wishes. They often cant say directly what they want and hope that parents will see what are their wishes themselves.They imbibe the good values of their parents, and in the long run will make them proud


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