Taurus – decans influence on personality

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rp_taurus21-224x3001-224x300-224x300.jpgAstrology readings based on Decans of the Sun Signs are one step ahead in personalization. For here each Sun Sign is divided into three 10-days slots, each of which is a Decan. Read and learn which Decan you belong to, and how does it shape your personality.

First decan: Born between April 21 and April 30

  • venusFor the ones born between these days, ruling planet is Venus. That is why they are sensual and passionate, and most of them are pleasure-seeking and possess a tremendous will-power. These people often blow hot and cold to bend others for getting things done. They are determined to get whatever they want. They also hold a great reverence for material wealth and tend to seek stability in all the aspects of their life. They are sensuous and love to employ the sense of their touch to experience various sensations and they gives you an overview of various aspects of your life. They are reliable.
  • They are determined to get the things they want form life. Material wealth is very important to them and the acquisition of beautiful yet practical things fuels their desire to do well for them. They seek stability in all aspects of life including career, relationships and family life.
  • In love relationships they are loyal and loving and faithful. In career they are very devoted. They set their mind to career path and seldom waiver from it, working their way to the top. Home life is very important to them; they strive to make home as comfortable and comforting as possible. The sense of touch is very important to them. They want to touch and be touched. They love to love and love to be loved.

Second decan: Born between May 1 and May 10

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  • If a person is born between these days, ruling planet is Mercury. They are extremely talented in the fields as varied as arts to chemicals. They also have an in-built sense of caution to push ahead, while still leaving a leeway for negotiation. They are tactful, charming and practical. They only speak their mind, when they have gathered all the facts regarding a particular person or situation. They have natural communicating skills and have a pleasant personality and are generally honest in nature. Most of them are happy to work behind the scenes.
  • The second Decan Taurus personality is characterized by tactfulness, charm and practicality and diplomacy. They take care to gather all the facts before taking action. They sense the feelings of others very deeply and take care not to unwittingly hurt anyone people or animals.
  • They possess a lot of charm and have a brilliant way of communicating. People listen to them very carefully. People find them very pleasant to be around. Although they connect well with many people they have only few friends but they are true and loyal friends. They are very practical and rather than thinking or dreaming about what they want from life, they go out and get it.

Third decan: Born between May 11 and May 21

  • сатурнIf a person is born between these days, the ruling planet is Saturn. These people have a certain type of rigidity and inflexibility towards other people. This makes them also closed to newer ideas. Those born under this influence are loyal, disciplined and patient. They hold their near and dear ones very close to them. They are very hard working and strive for financial security and they tend to be serious. but have a humorous and sensual side to them too. They execute all their tasks to perfection.
  • The third Decan Taurus personality is characterized by loyalty, discipline and patience. They are fiercely loyal and will protect and defend close ones to the death. They have a huge sense of duty, loyalty and faithfulness. Home and family life means so much to them so they will do almost anything to provide material wealth for family.
  • They are very disciplined and always finish any task on time and perfectly too. They are very hard working and strive for financial security. They have the patience of a saint and make for an excellent parent or teacher. Most people would consider them to be very serious, but underneath stern exterior they have a heat of gold.


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